Should I Study What My Parents Want or What I Want?

Sounds rhetorical, right? But there’s an answer to every question.
At one point or phase in our lives, we’re faced with this question and we don’t know which option to choose. And thoughts keep running through our minds, thoughts like:

  • Who will pay my fees if I study what I want?
  • What is going to become of me?
  • Am I being disobedient?
  • Is there really no good in what I want?
  • Can’t I choose what I want?

All these thoughts and more would keep running through your minds, likewise time too, if you don’t address the issue rather than think about it. Issues like:

  • What do I want?
  • What do my parents want?
  • Can I develop a passion for what my parents want?

What do you want?

If you don’t know what you want to study, then you can’t help but choose what your parents want and along the line, you might discover yourself and then notice that you’ve been chasing after the wind. So, you have to know what you want to study and why you are choosing that. Mind you, choose because you really want it and not because your friends are in there, so later on when it gets tough and uneasy you wouldn’t shift blame but face it headstrong. You can make friends even in the field where you don’t have friends. So define what you want from the very beginning, then you’d stay strong at defending what you want.

What do my parents want?

From a quick glance, you can tell that we are past the era where parents choose what to do for their children. But peradventure you find yourself in the family where your parents still choose what to study, then you’ve not grown past the era. Yes, they’re your parents and you need to obey them, but what do your parents really want you to study? Yes, they’re free to make opinions about what to study but you also need to consider your strength and your weakness.

Imagine you’re asked to put in for Pharmacy for a course and you know deep down that your strength academically can’t carry you, then you shouldn’t blindly accept the course because your parents want it.

Or you are asked to study accountancy but what your strength can handle is public administration or English language, though you might also want what they want but your strength can’t carry you.

Can I develop a passion for what my parents want?

Yeah, you can and you’d be happy you did. But sometimes, from the very beginning, you don’t just like what they want. Sometimes, you might want what your parents want but your strength academically is not smiling at you. Though you can at one point build your academic strength by following those you know have the passion for what they’re doing and with your passion, you can surmount academical weakness.

However, if you don’t want what your parents want, then:

  • Remember there’s nothing impossible with God, tell it to God first.
  • You need to talk it out with them, make them see reasons why you want to study what you want and not what they want.
  • Tell them about your weakness.
  • Settle it peacefully and amicably rather than shout and complain.
  • Trust God to change their minds so you can pursue your passion and not the wind.

Are you currently in this situation or have you been there before and will like to share your experience? Do share in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post. 


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