Writing to Heal

Some people started writing because they needed to hear the voices in their head, they wanted peace, to see a world that will look exactly the way they want it to be.

A larger percentage of writers found solace in their journals, family memoirs when they were victimized by darkness.

Virginia Woolf started writing as a teenager, 13years and she suffered both psychiatric disorders and physical abuse as a girl. In her short semi-autobiographical novel, ‘To The Lighthouse, 1932’, Woolf described writing this book as a form of therapy because she had a bad encounter prior to the publication of this book.

In her words: “I wrote the book very quickly, and when it was written I ceased to be obsessed with my mother. I no longer hear her voice; I do not see her. I suppose I did for myself what psycho-analysts do for their patients. I expressed some very long and deeply felt emotion. And in expressing it I explained it and then laid it to rest.”

Writing has been found to be more than just an art, but also an art of healing. As a writer, you are not only given the opportunity to heal your broken spirit, but also the world of tens and hundreds around you.

“People carry around their stories forever in their cells, and once you get it out of you and onto the page – you’re never going to forget it, but it’s not as heavy. A lot of it (writing) is lightening the load ~ Nancy Shalom Aromie.

Several teenagers are seeking for answers to questions they don’t know, they are questioning their existence, asking the question “who moved the cheese?”

A lot of teenagers are turning into adults that know nothing about the world and the only thing that occurs to them about life is responsibilities.

As a result of the turbulence in the heart of several teenagers, they suffer frequent mood swings, emotional problems, and mental illnesses.

A larger percentage of these teenagers become a shadow of themselves, struggle with voices in their head, pictures in their mind and questions on their lips. The strong ones are ready to find solutions to their questions even if means traveling to the end of the world, while the weak never fight back – they may never get healed from this state, and they become jailers in their own thoughts.

Do you know writing can heal you?

Writing is like a beautiful and rich woman, she is too beautiful that she lives on the top of the mountain. Nobody is allowed to visit her, but she comes down every day to visit everyone.

Every man is trapped in her beauty, but not everyone believes she can be the missing figure in their puzzle.

Some individuals tell her about their needs each day they meet, she does not reply to them, but she repeats their needs to the next man she meets until he no longer needs it.
Some individuals do not talk to her, they say, “of what use will my words solve my problems?” So they never get to tell anyone and would rather bottle it in their minds until they can’t take it any longer, so they end up dying in pain.

The men who share their stories with this beautiful woman find it easy to move to the next phase of life: they show gratitude easily because they have memories of what happened. They find it easy to let go of their trauma.

I hope you understand that short story?

The beautiful woman is like the journal, diary, notes we keep as individuals.
While some share their deepest moment with their diary, some find it is unnecessary to pen their memories down.

What is the connection between my mind and writing?

Writers are wonderful souls, they travel into deep invisible thoughts, provoke possible questions that are silent, and find answers to these questions from nature, world, and their experience.

Writers can create their memories themselves, they share stories that nobody cares to listen to.

Writing allows a bonding between your mind and your five sense organs.
When I was writing my book on Mental Health, I had put my legs into the shoes of those who were a victim of rape and I was traumatized for days because I got drowned into the imagination and the aftermath of rape.

Writing helps you to see the beauty in your pain. While you write your rape experience, it helps you to realize how several young ones are also victims and how you can help them.

In a nutshell, writing creates an immortality to your pains and past events.

How do I write to get healing?

To write to get healing, you need to master the art of writing. When you write, you listen to what the world – the birds, the doorbell, the alarm, the phone says. To write to heal, you need to listen to what your mind says. You don’t need to be distracted and you must learn to overcome the temptation of unforgiveness.

My mum once told me not to keep a diary because she thinks I may never forgive those who hurt me. I don’t know how true that is, but you must always find peace within you.

  • Get a diary, a book, a note
  • Write at least 4 lines about memories you cannot forget
  • Share your dark stories in the diary, with date and possibly pictures of yourself.
  • Do this continuously for a few weeks
  • When you are troubled, make sure you write about your worries
  • Forgiveness is essential, you must learn to forgive those who hurt you.
  • When you share your stories of offense and grudges, write beneath.
  • “I forgive you, (write the name of the guilty, even if it is you, write your name)”

I hope this helps?

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