4 Kinds of Friends you Should Avoid as a Teenager

There’s a saying, show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are. This saying is so concise and candid that it fully captures all there is to friendships or having friends.

Friends are those people we walk with, those who know us to a reasonable extent, those with whom we often go in and come out. Friends are those people whose roles in our lives are delicate and critical.

I hope you know that a larger part of the decisions you make in life is a reflection of what your relationship entails. Friendship, in particular, no matter the definition.

Can you now see why that saying is unarguably true? Yes!

The truth is, we can’t handle life all by ourselves all the times. We need people, we need friends, we need someone to always catch our backs from hitting the walls of life, thus the need for friends.

As teenagers, maturity and puberty demand that our priorities take new shape. And when our priorities take a new shape, a mature relationship with other people wouldn’t be left out. Who doesn’t want to feel among? Who doesn’t want to belong in a group of friends? Who doesn’t want to walk with handsome and beautiful boys and girls? No one!

It is a great thing to mingle with friends but greater to understand the fact that “Not all friends are to be mingled with”. It is a great thing to have tons of friends but it is a much greater thing to realize that “not all friends are really friends”.

As a teenager or a budding adult, on your way to greatness, there are four kinds of friends you should do away with, less they hamper your focus.

1. Friends who put you down

Friends like this are those who feel good making you feel bad. They feel big making you feel small. They feel adequate making you feel inadequate. No matter how brilliant you are in a thing, they’ll ever make you see your errors and lapses, they’ll tell you you’re not fit and smart enough for a task. Friends like this are not to be entertained at all. You don’t manage them, they’ll kill your dreams and cripple your zeal. Let them go!

2. Friends who gossip

Gossip is as deadly as death itself. Gossip is like a cube of sugar dropped in a cup of tea, it distributes completely to every part of the tea. Friends who gossip are capable of killing. They talk ill at your back and smile and grin at your presence. This kind of friends wouldn’t do your life any good. The best good you can do yourself is stay clear of such people before things get really out of hand.

3. Friends who are negligent

When you walk with friends who are carefree and indeliberate about things, you need a little space of time before you become the same. Negligence is tantamount to failure. Holding hands with people who are negligent is very lethal to your future because you won’t grow.

4. Friends who are lazy

It doesn’t matter how diligent and disciplined you are, you can’t always stand out in the midst of slothful friends. In no time, if you are not careful, you’ll be like them.

Friends can make or mar you. This why your relationships with people must be goal oriented.

You don’t make friends to whirl time away or kill boredom. You make friends because you know what you want and what you’re worth.

You may have people who fall to one of these categories around you, I’m not saying you should abate or detest them. But be stern and meticulous when it comes to giving seats to people in your life.

Friends can make you and friends can break you.

Till I cross your path again.

See you at the top.

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Is there any category of friends that I didn’t mention? Feel free to share with me in the comments below and also your experience with friends. 

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