We are Spices- A Teen’s Kitchen Experience

Here I am, cooking pepper rice. I have added all spices I thought I should- pepper, onions, Maggi, curry, thyme… I really mean, everything I thought I should add. The food is soon ready to be served and just as it is, the first taste confirms that I forgot to add salt and the food is terribly tasteless.

Far from the fact that I’m a guy and there’s this notion that “guys are not good cooks”, I think I grew up well to know how to cook – you know, but then this particular meal, it’s not just it for me. While I learnt to be careful in cooking subsequent meals, I learnt much more.

I learnt that we are like salt on earth, like spices, created by God in varieties to add substance, flavour and proper taste to earth. There’s something in us that needs to be developed, and until we allow it, it will not. Now, while we choose to consciously manifest as salt and seasoning in everything we do in life, I believe that we should be conscious of a few things. I have outlined them below.

1. God

The consciousness of God as the supreme being, responsible first for our creation, and for the hope of the future we carry in us. This conscious state of our minds helps us to understand our duty as relayed to us by God to salt the earth and be the plus where many minuses abound.

2. Relationships

A relationship builds a man amongst many other things. We must agree to not only build healthy relationships but also ensure that they are long-lasting. It is only then that we can prove that we have salted or seasoned the next door neighbor’s life.

3. Self

Truth be told, self-esteem and pride are two sides of a coin. While we are careful not to birth pride, we should take up courage and build self-esteem to boldly manifest as salt, touch lives positively and make the world a better place every day. A good self-esteem here would also ensure that your poise and carriage is purposeful and fruitful at all times, while you don’t get to hurt the next person’s feelings or make them feel inferior.

While I close, let me leave you with the New International Version’s view on Matthew 5:13:

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”

Be purposeful, Be seasoning, Be salt.

How do you intend to add value to others starting today? Do share with me in the comments below and remember that it is about being intentional.

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