God Forgives and Forgets but People May Not

So many people are taking advantage of others on the grounds of ‘God will forgive me’. But really, most times, it’s unfair and borne out of dishonesty and insincerity.

Truth is that those people you’ve broken their hearts, dishonoured their trust and treated their feelings as nothing, they aren’t God!

Yes, the Bible has taught us how that our nature is love and in this, we’re to forgive and forget just as our father (God) has forgiven us. But these people you’ve betrayed would communicate with others.

For example, when you end your relationship with someone, people are bound to ask the person what happened and the news starts spreading. And this is not good for you. You know why? Because now a lot of people have a bad impression of you.

“That guy who takes people’s feelings for granted”, would be what they say

Or you gave a poor service to a client and you’re like “oh. God would forgive me.”

Well, God indeed would forgive you, but there’s something called ‘karma’ that would hit back at you. A lot of people say ‘karma’ is from God but actually, it’s not!

“Karma” is you simply receiving the repercussion of your bad actions. Karma is your dishonesty, clumsiness, and bad attitudes hitting back at you.

And Guess what? God has nothing to do with it.

This is how “karma” works:

Let’s say you cheated a client/you provided poor service, and they realised this…

First of all, they would almost never buy from you again and most unfortunately, they would give feedback to their friends, families and colleagues.

Let’s even say they didn’t want to tell anyone so they kept it to themselves…

Their friends or colleagues who knew about the transaction are bound to ask them: “did you enjoy the service”? And they wouldn’t say they did. Will they?

I don’t think so!

And since these potential clients now have a bad impression of you, they wouldn’t want to risk working with you!

So you see, you’d be losing customers, and no-one would be willing to trust you.
And it’s not some kind of punishment from God! It’s simply Karma: your insincerity, dishonesty, bad habit and attitude hitting back at you.

So, my friend, stop the hypocrisy and help yourself.


When people choose to trust you, rely on you, and pour out their support for you, it’s a risk on their end and it’s unfair when you treat everything with levity.

When you hurt people, it could leave a scar on their minds forever, and yes, God has forgiven you, but you might destroy the ability of the person to even trust anyone ever again (especially in a love relationship) and you shouldn’t live your life putting that kind of burden on yourself.

Bad reports spread like wildfire from one person to another.

Yes, you duped/betrayed someone and God forgave you but what about what those who have been affected by your actions? Who will repay them? Who will fix them? Who will stop them from sharing their bad experiences about you with others?

Have you ever been given a recommendation by a client/friend/colleague, do you see how easy it was for you to connect?

Now imagine when bad reputation precedes you before you meet a client…to connect with them would become almost impossible. No one would put their trust in someone who had been reported to be insincere, or would you?

To cure this, I advice that:

1. If you’re not ready to be in a relationship, don’t go into it!

Don’t accept someone’s proposal to be in a relationship based on pity. That’s not cool.

Go into a relationship with someone only when you’re ready to be committed to it. Accept someone’s proposal knowing you’re ready to give your all.

2. If you can’t meet up with a promise, communicate it!

When you know you’re not capable of fulfilling a promise, especially in businesses, don’t even make the promise at all.

Also, when you notice that you won’t be able to meet up with your promises, let the other party know ahead of time.

And don’t make giving excuses a habit. It’s better to say only what you can keep up with it.

When you commit to a relationship, business, or service…

Treat people with respect. Choose your words wisely. Don’t say what you won’t/can’t do.

Because every time you fail to do what you promised, you’re blocking yourself off a potential relationship/client/referrals.

Beware of your choices, because, for every choice, there’s always a consequence.

Before you do something to people, think twice. God forgives and forgets, but people MAY NOT!

If you found this helpful, leave your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to share with friends.


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