Signs it’s Time to Dissolve a Friendship

Friends are special people in our lives. Those we love, care, value, and support so much. They also reciprocate this love to us too. Most teenagers have friends and love to have friends as well. While there are positive benefits of having good friends, you could also have bad friends. Your friends could make or mar you.

A wise man once said, “if you have five wise friends, not too long you would be sixth. If you have five foolish friends not too long you would be the sixth.”

Who are your friends? Sometimes, we tend to have bad friends without knowing or distancing ourselves from such unhealthy relationships. Here are some warning signs of unhealthy relationships.

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Negative attitudes

There are a lot of negative behaviours amongst most young people. When you start noticing some negative behaviours amongst your friends like spending time on irrelevant activities, wasting finances, etc., do well to distance yourself from these kind of friends. Negative attitudes are contagious, and sooner or later you may be influenced negatively. Dissolve relationships with people of negative attitudes.

No Support and Love

How are your friends supporting, inspiring and helping you grow? Your friends should be your support system, providing the support and love you need. For instance, you are working on a new project, your friends should be there to support you emotionally, physically and even financially, if they can.

However, you don’t have to be a parasitic friend. Learn to give your friends support as well. Any friend that doesn’t inspire and support your growth shouldn’t be a friend, therefore, strive to end such parasitic relationships.

Choose your circle and support system wisely.


What was the most betraying thing a friend did to you? We always trust our friends, right? And it hurts most when the same people you trust so much betray you. This will definitely make you have trust issues. When you notice any form of betrayal amongst your friends, kindly keep a distance. It’s healthy for your mental health and stability. You don’t need unnecessary stress and disappointments.

Parasitic Friends

Do you have those friends who love to be at the receiving end? They love to get support and inspiration from you always but they don’t help you in any way? In biology, parasitism is the process whereby an animal feeds/lives on another animal (the host) and get nutrients from it. Some friends are parasites. Stop being the host, it’s often too mentally draining. If you have parasitic friends, it’s time to end such relationships.

What relationships in your life need to end? Which do you need to grow? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments


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