Choosing Your Friends

Friends are more important to your life than you may have thought and it matters who your friends are.

While I was younger, my class consisted of so many groups of friends. Some were the up and doing set of friends. It didn’t matter what was pushing them to study that hard, it was either because of their parents or they just wanted to succeed for themselves. It mattered, however, that they had the same goals and were motivators for one another.

There were other groups of friends, some that were just indifferent about the whole academic stuff and just did their best to get average grades that would promote them to the next class, while some weren’t even bothered. They just came to school because they had no choice.

The old saying that “you attract the kind of friend you are” is likely true. The better you are at being a friend, then the better your friends will be to you”.

You have to be a good friend first to yourself. Hopefully, you’ll come across some friends that are like life coaches, friends that’ll always push you and keep you to the high standards you set for yourself. They are friends that speak the truth you need to hear, they encourage and empower you when needed to. They are friends that push for your success because they know they are successful too when their friends are.

Friends play different roles in our lives and all are very valuable and important. It doesn’t matter if they are just workout friends, school friends, church friends or study friends. Each of them has different roles to play in your life. So, choose your friends wisely.

We are social beings and as much as we may love our family, we need a variety of other people in our lives because we cannot be everything to everyone.

So increase your inner circle to as many fabulous persons as possible. People you share same dreams, goals, and visions with and are ready to go in pursuit of it. Friends that will always keep you on your toes and make you realise that there is always more to life than what and where you presently are.

If you’ve got friends like this, cherish and love them, push yourselves till you become better and better always. Be the best you can be for your friends and for yourself, and keep achieving.

How do you choose your friends? Do share with me in the comments below.

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