Practicing Assertiveness

The most beautiful things about you are kept in your inward parts. What do I mean by this? You are beautiful beyond what you are presently and this beauty lies in your mind. In your mind dwells the beauty of which you are. How would you live that beautiful life of yours without practicing assertiveness?

Assertiveness is the continual expression of your inner strength which, in return, has a positive reflection on your confidence.

There are three basic words I want you to hold on from the above; these words are expression, strength, and confidence.

When you look at the mirror to view your image, what comes to mind? Are they thoughts that a failure is viewing his image? Do you think of yourself as one who doesn’t have much to offer in life? Maybe you see yourself as one with so many imperfections who will never look beautiful.

There are diverse thoughts that may come to your mind. Today, I welcome you to the zone of Assertiveness.

In practicing assertiveness, there are three steps I will be revealing. These steps will help you in becoming an Assertive person.

Step 1: Use a Positive Expression

You need to say to yourself when next you are viewing yourself in the mirror that: “you are much more beautiful than how much you think you are presently’’. You have beautiful things living inside of you, with your positive expression you can bring them to the outer world.

Your words are powerful beyond what you take them for. Words are the expression of what you have in your mind.

Let negative thoughts be far from you because this is the enemy of assertiveness. The more positive words you express out of your mind, the more you view yourself in a positive appearance.

Say these words to yourself times without number in a day:

I am exceptional
I am smart
I am beautiful
I am a champion
I am successful
I am gifted
I am happy

The more you say these words, the more you become what you say. These words are stored in your subconscious mind and they will reflect in your life as soon as possible, provided you continue to express them.

Do people talk down at you and you feel you are losing your positive vibes? Say these words to yourself, let people hear you while you speak those words. This is not pride. This is who you are.

Step 2: Energize Your Inner Strength

You actually know what you are good at. There is one thing you do which everyone cannot do just the way you do it. Go for it. Following your passion releases energy to your strength and energy is a powerful force that helps us to do more. When you get your strength revitalized, you become happy with yourself.

Getting information and education about something you are passionate about can improve your assertiveness.

The best footballers energize themselves before they eventually become that which they are. Every day provides a chance for our improvement. When you recognize this, you recognize your greatness. That real you is powerful and so much powerful when you energize your inner potential.

You are made of quality. The beauty of gold is revealed when the goldsmith releases his productive energy on it. You need to get yourself into dwelling in the abode of the quality that you are. You will feel happier about your potential when you discover that you are making things happening.

Step 3: Act with Confidence

Acting with confidence reveals to the outer world your capability. And you know what? The more you act with confidence, the more assertive you become.

Saying negative things about yourself can corrupt your assertiveness.

People will judge you by what you present yourself to be. See that confident person arising to talk to people. See that confident person producing a positive output. See that confident person who can manage his or her anxiety efficiently. See yourself in the right and positive manner.

You are that person who can make a difference everywhere you get to. Your ugly perception about life must be changed. You are that goal-getter. You are exceptional and you need to put things right. It starts from now.

You will improve on yourself as from this moment. It is a matter of your Will. The mind will work on your Will. You are the creator of your own reality; no one else will do that for you. The time has come now that you will become an excellent person because you have changed some variables constituting a nuisance to your healthy self.

I need you to look at yourself again and say the best of words you have ever said to yourself. Will you?

How often do you think positive things to yourself? I hope this post makes you view your life differently from today.

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