Break Free-2

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What are you doing with your freedom? This is a question I want you to answer quietly in your heart. We all have different areas where we have been given freedom, and I will be talking on a few.

  • There’s freedom of speech.
  • Freedom of your choice of friends.
  • Freedom of movement

Freedom of Speech

I believe it starts right from when we are growing up. Some of us are trained to choose the right words. I know of a family who trained their children not to speak anything negative both to themselves and also to others, while some were not even trained at all, they just choose the words they want. Some of them choose to speak abusive words and they are very good at it. The other family I was talking about earlier who trained their children to speak the right words not only don’t have freedom of speech to say whatever words they like, but their parents want them to speak the right words.

Likewise ourselves, we need to learn to choose the right word, even though we have the freedom of speech, let us not use that freedom to start to speak negative words both to our lives and to the lives of others. Choose to speak the right words always.

Freedom of Friends

I remember when I was growing up, every time my dad came home from office in the afternoon either to pick something or to drop something at home. Whenever he entered the sitting room and sight our friends who came visiting, my dad would be angry, I was not usually happy then until I discovered two reasons why he always did that.

The first reason was that he hated seeing the house being disorganized, and secondly, he felt our friends are jobless that’s why they came visiting. His belief was that if you have something doing, you will not have time to go around visiting others.

What my dad did then did not really stop us from our choice of friends, we mingled with the bad and good. Later on, I got to know that I have had bad influence from some of those friends over the years, but after I gave my life to Christ, he helped me to choose my friends. You have the freedom to choose your friends but allow God to help you to choose rightly.

Freedom of Movement

I have a sister then that loved going up and down, she didn’t like to stay indoors, so wherever she could find, she would move to that place to gist and do some other things with them. I noticed her, and I saw that she did not have time for herself because of this. She would jump up and down and at night she was always tired and would go to bed straight, which affected her so much.

One day I talked to her, see you have the freedom to move from one place to another but be careful of how you use that freedom. Set time to do some things so that you can be productive, set time to also visit people, because it’s good but don’t use all your time jumping up and down because you have the freedom.

How do you make use of the freedom you have?


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