Break Free

Independence Day (1st October 1960) is a national holiday in Nigeria, celebrated on the first of October. It marks Nigeria’s proclamation of independence from British rule on 1 October 1960. For this reason, Nigeria celebrates its independence on the 1st of October every year, which means Nigeria was free from the dominion of the British.

One thing I want us to establish first is the fact that there is bondage before freedom i.e something must have been under bondage before it can be free.

Do you remember that local cage that our olden day mothers used to keep hens and whenever the hens wanted to eat, they would bring them out At night, the hens would be chased back inside the cage. Have you ever seen a hen that was just released from the cage? It feels free and stretches its wings and then walk and also run about. Oh, freedom is sweet!

The definition of freedom for us as Christians is the one given to us by Jesus Christ which is the freedom from the bondage of sin that was made possible by his death on the cross for our salvation which signifies freedom. That was the biggest sacrifice Christ made for us so that we can be saved.

Now, to the main discussion. Do you know that there are some things still put us under bondage? It looks unimportant, yet we fall for it. Let’s discuss a few of them:


Some people are still under the bondage of this is the colour of cloth I want or that I like to wear. If you don’t have that colour, then I’m not buying any other colour. I’m not saying it’s bad to have a favourite, you might have your favourite colour but don’t be brought under bondage by it. Be open-minded always and enjoy every colour that comes your way and express your freedom.


I have a friend that whenever you serve him good food like rice and meat, he will still go and soak Garri once he is done with the food. He loves Garri so much that he can take it before and after his meal. I have noticed him doing that so many times, it’s like Garri is lord over my friend. It’s good to love something but never make it lord over you.


I heard someone say one day and I quote “you know I always like to take a drink whenever I am eating” which means if this guy does not have a drink beside him, he won’t eat. So, the day he doesn’t have money for drink, he can actually beg for it, which is not right. That means the drink is his lord; meanwhile, my friend doesn’t know that the drink is keeping him under bondage. He does not know that the ability to make the decision to not take a drink in a day has been lost, he just can’t do without it.

Try not to get addicted to something or make it lord over you. Break free!

What is that one thing that is possibly lord over you? What’s preventing you from breaking free from it?


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