Overcoming Setbacks

Sometime in mid-2018, I had an inconclusive result that left me hanging in the class of honors I belonged to. Because of this, I was devastated, missed out on so many opportunities that I could apply for and to worsen things, I was in my penultimate year and that meant my chance for improvement were very slim or very massive depending on how I saw it. A “close to it” result meant nothing as it wouldn’t change my honors, but a little above could make all the difference. I was left between trying that may not make a difference and not trying at all. But guess what? I tried and that is all that matters till today.

I have done some research, questioned a number of persons, observed a number of situations and all I can say is this: There is only one way to undo an undoing, JUST DO IT ✓.

Have you ever been in a situation where everything is just chaos, where you can literally watch your own failure? Because in your logic, it doesn’t seem possible. The truth is, once or more times, we all have felt a similar way and another truth to this is that for those who have dared to work against logic, they have proved it wrong.

To increase our chances of success in situations that present themselves as setbacks, what habits and lifestyle can we put in place?

Whether the stone is seen as a fighting material or as a playing ball is all a matter of perception, and our perception is influenced by many things ranging from the things we see, hear, to the things we meditate on. Most of these are provided by people that encircle our life.

The power of people is one that must not be overlooked.

Whether we would come into the full potential of what God made us is dependent on the people we spend time with. Whether we would become emboldened to overcome setbacks when they arise can be influenced by the kinds of words the people in our life constantly say to us. Also, whether we would constantly feel weak or incapable of success each time setbacks arise can also be influenced by the kind of energy we receive from people in our life.

A lot of teenagers have been marred because of this, they keep friends that constantly tell them their brain is too small to understand math and they subconsciously believe and act as told. The people in your life can come in handy when challenges arise. Remember the story of Moses and his father-in-law (Exodus 18:14)? Exactly that kind of association is what we need.

Some people are just not in the right environment to be fed the right words and that, they can’t easily change, especially as children. Should they then be stuck? I think not.

If you ever find yourself in an environment where you are your best acquaintance, it’s up to you to make the most impact on yourself because at the end of it all, it is still your life.

Nobody wants to hear the story of how things were not favourable, we just want to see what you did with the unfavorable.

The word of God and self-affirmation is a good place to start. Find a great deal of what God said about you in Genesis and the Psalms of the Bible.

Next up, cultivate the habit of celebrating and accounting little victories. From finishing up assignments to staying up to study 30 minutes a day. It really matters, as it sums up to give the big picture. No stair on the staircase is a mistake, it is there for you to gain momentum for the uppermost stair. And please, never try to compare yourself with others, it is more harm than not trying at all.

From the last point, it is obvious that to climb the stairs in the first place, you have to identify it.

Dealing with a particular setback would require that we identify the steps involved to get to our end goal and understand how to go about each instead of fearing or avoiding it. This could involve professional or matured advice and an online survey might also be applicable. Just know this, no setback is new enough to not have a solution.

The stairs are there for us to climb, whether we fall off it, get injured while climbing or decide to stay at its feet, it will always be there. Unless we doggedly climb it to the top, then we can put it behind us and move on to the next.

How do you overcome setback?


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