The Two Chief Sources of Depression

Depression has emerged as one of the most rampant internal killers in our contemporary world; it begins its game with the mind, degrades it and then drops one’s self-esteem to Zero. Everything about life would just stop making sense. And this has killed bunches of dreams and future over the years, more disheartening about this depression is the fact that it is way typical with Teenagers and Young people in the world today.

A boy or girl will just tell you they are used to solitude and sadness, the funniest jokes in the world will never get them giggling, that’s depression!
The damage depression is causing in the lives of people is regrettably untellable. You see happy people suddenly turn sadists as a result of the exerting force of depression on them.

That some are smiling doesn’t mean they are not depressed. Many people have just chosen to hide a million pains behind the faintest smile. Especially now that social media has become an abode for all to guise their demons in angelic garments.

Though depression may be most relative amidst people who are less fortunate compared to their very-fortunate fellow humans, I’ll like you know that just anybody can be a victim of depression. You can be rich and still be depressed, you can have all you need and still be depressed.

Depression could stem from several causes, the cause of Mr. A’s depression could differ from Mr. B’s. The causes differ.

Kindly stay with me as I discuss just two of them based on personal findings and experience:

1. Comparison

Words like “look at him, look at me” “see where she is, see where I still am”. These words are psychologically unhealthy for your emotional life, and will definitely rupture your ambition and make you depressed.

Comparing yourself with others would add no good to your life, it will only exacerbate things, sap away your strength and empty you of happiness hence makes you depressed.

You need operate in light of the fact that you were made a stereotype, you are perfectly original and you have all it takes to become the best you ever want to be. Yes, your classmate may have all the best things in the whole universe, things you can’t dream of affording, but it’s fine. Very soon, you will have more than what you admire about him/her if you don’t give in to depression to cripple your future.

Your Friend is in her fourth year in the university, while you are still struggling to gain admission into the university. Thank God for the life of your friend, this is his own time. Darling, assure yourself that your own time is coming soon too, and it is coming in a grand way.

Be thankful for how far God has brought you, be contented, derive happiness from what’s presently in your hand. Do you know your complaint list is someone else’s wish list?

If you have an idea how many persons are aspiring what you have, you’ll be stunned and you won’t even want to compare yourself with others, let alone get depressed.
While comparing yourself with others, why not keep bettering yourself? To compare is to despair, allowing depression will work its way in.

2. Competition

Apparently, competition is always the aftermath of comparison.

Now, your friend is a billion step ahead of you, you don’t want that, so the devil gives you a portion of hatred to get you aroused to competing with someone who’s singularly running his/her own race and not yours.

This is where a multitude of us get things amiss.

Competition is not completion, it is a shattering of vision.

Because while you should be on your own lane, running your own race in your own way, competition will make you swing to another person’s lane, and you end up dissipating the totality of your zeal, energy, and life running a race that’s never yours.

The eventual result is futility at its peak! You’re left drained and empty! That’s what will depress you and make you spend the coming years of your life in sorrowful solitude.

Its okay to have standards and aspire to be the best everywhere, but the essence of your competing should be to beat the person who you were yesterday.

Upgrade yourself, be the best version every now and then but don’t compete with others, because you won’t ever find genuine happiness in competing with others.

You are a king in your kingdom, You are an empress in your empire, You’re the best at what you do if you meticulously seek to discover what you’re made to do.

Find what you are made to do and you’ll see no one can outshine you, nothing can depress you.

Heaven knows you are the best!

Quit comparing and competing and watch impression take the place of depression!

I hope this encourages someone today. Do you need someone to talk to? Send a mail to or simply fill this form.

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