Teen Depression | What it is all about

Depression is misery. It tampers heavily with emotions and it goes beyond just that word “depression”. I see depression as a miserable thing with many branches that can destroy one’s life, in bits. Have you ever imagined this happening to an adolescent? It is tragic. I’m not saying others deserve to be depressed, no one deserves it at all, it’s like a disease that should never be gotten in the first place.

Different things may lead to depression in teenagers, and they may not be able to handle it like an adult would. What if the situation surrounding it is beyond the teen’s power? What if he/she can’t find anyone around to share with? What if the teen just has to pull through all alone? I can go on and on with the what ifs, but then it is strange that so many people do not see teen depression as a big deal.

I’ll like to point out here that a lot of things revolve around a teenager’s life, and if care is not taken, suicide may creep in, especially if such teen has lost every reason to keep up with life.

I believe adolescence is a time when individuals get to find out who they are; they are unsettled; they are becoming; they are maturing. So, yes, depression is a big deal right here!

Parents play a major role in a teen’s life but they can’t cover every aspect. As a matter of fact, a lot of things contradict lately. Should we talk about how much technology has improved and how teenagers get exposed to so many info flying on the internet? At the end of the day, lines do not fall in place.

Family, school grades, social peers, social media, environmental stress, and many more, cause teen depression. Teenagers tend to feel a kind of discomfort and unworthiness when they realize they are not doing well as they should or no matter what they do, no one is ever pleased, or even constant nagging at home. At this point, peace is out of place. This can lead to a disorganization in the individual’s life, or even a serious mental illness. You know what’s worse? Not having anyone around to discuss with.

For the next few days, we’ll be discussing Teen Depression, and ensure we cover all that is there to. We’ll dig into the causes and symptoms, but then it’ll never be complete without focusing on what to do about it and how to avoid it. I’ll try to share some experiences from teenagers who can relate (contact us if you’ll like to contribute). Let’s get practical.

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