Academic Tips: Brain Rules- Attention

Multitasking when it comes to paying attention is a myth. The brain naturally focuses on concepts sequentially, not at a time. Attach each lecture to a very good emotion/vibe. Don‘t trust your brain to retain it all, make good notes as you actively participate in the class. … More Academic Tips: Brain Rules- Attention

Surviving in the Face of Uncertainties

Be careful of the type of company you keep. Make sure they are people that strengthen you for more, not people that are parasitic, some friends are just there to draw and drain you. Beware! Stay with people that will boost your happiness and make you see that you can survive through and overcome the hurdles. … More Surviving in the Face of Uncertainties

4 Things I Have Learnt Being a Teen

What you will be later in the future will surely be a reflection of what you’ve done and engaged in during your transition into adulthood. Sow thoughts that will give rise to reasonable actions. Sow actions that will birth forth life changing habits. Sow habits that will metamorphose into good characters. And with the good character, you’d reap a bright future. … More 4 Things I Have Learnt Being a Teen