4 Things I Have Learnt Being a Teen

Travelling back in time and thinking of where it all started, I’d adhere to the fact that being a teen will surely take you through the times of thick and thin; ups and downs.

Should I talk about moments where actualizing a dream looks like a mirage?
Moments you’d crave to have that sense of belonging and be accepted by your peers but the adventure is never satisfying?

Should I talk about times when you’d struggle to find a voice? Yeah, I know it could be burdensome, yet assuming.

Journey with me as I dish out some things I have learnt being a teen:

1. The sowing principle

What you don’t have the power to lay down, you can never have the power to take up. For you to bring your dream and goal into actualization, you will have to sow seeds.

They are the seeds of discipline, hard work, creativity, etc.

Adolescence age is the best time to build a solid foundation that will sustain you through life’s most difficult challenges. What you will be later in the future will surely be a reflection of what you’ve done and engaged in during your transition into adulthood. Sow thoughts that will give rise to reasonable actions. Sow actions that will birth forth life changing habits. Sow habits that will metamorphose into good characters. And with the good character, you’d reap a bright future.

2. Be proactive

Dear, I’d want you to know that nobody is responsible for your life. Regardless of your family background and what you have been through, there is a need for you to rise above the circumstances and never allow them to cloud your mind and thinking patterns.

Don’t sink in the oceans of self pity forgetting that you can still swim in the ocean of knowledge.

3. Engage in activities that’ll sharpen you

Crave to be better in the area of your purpose by exposing yourself to activities that will make you the best version of yourself. Even as you get involve in teamwork, connect with people and build healthy relationships. I mustn’t forget to tell you to ventilate your mind by reading books. Trust me, it’s so helpful.

4. Follow your mind

Trying to build your identity around someone’s life is disastrous, because you’d have to struggle to adjust to every slight change he or she makes. Don’t allow others to run and ruin your life, you live it according to your conscience and conviction, not someone else’s.

Beware of bad peer influence. Don’t join the crowd that will get you lost, be different!

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