10 Things I Learnt From My Teenage Years

Hi, I would be leaving the teenage world in few days and taking a cue from TeeFaith’s post on 20 things teenage hood taught her, I have also compiled some of the things that I have learnt and is still learning from my teenagehood.

1. To love God

I have learnt to fiercely love the Lord, I have learnt that loving God is the only way to obey Him and building an intimate relationship with Him. This has helped me thus far and it is something I  do not take for granted and which I encourage you as a teenager to also take seriously. Your relationship with God as a young person is something that would sustain you throughout your lifetime.

2. Teamwork

I have learnt the essence and benefit of working as a team especially from TMO and my press club in school. I have learnt that no one can do it all, no one has all the ideas to make something work, no one can plan it all and that working together as a team produces more output with less stress.

3. Commitment

Still learning this though, but I have come to realise that being committed to a course goes a long way than having the skill. You may have the talent to write but if you are not committed, you would find it difficult to excel in that aspect.

4. The essence of friendship

Yes, this is a huge part as I have learnt so much from the friendships I have with people. I have come to understand that the friends you have in your life go a long way in determining how your life turns out. Late in my teenage years, I have come to build productive relationships with some of my friends and that has impacted me so positively and influenced my growth as an individual in various aspects of life.

5. Prayer

I have learnt the essence of prayer in my teen years and I have gotten rewards from praying. Though still learning how to tarry for long in the place of prayer, I have come to realise that a praying Christian is a Conquering Christian.

6. Patience

I could really get all upset at times, but my teen years has taught me to be patient especially when my emotions may want to get really hot. I have learnt to take people as they are and try to put up with whatever behaviour they exhibit without hurting myself as well as without hurting them.

7. Taking to corrections

This is a part I am still working on. I have come realise that taking corrections will help you grow and shed off bad habits that may hinder your growth.

8. The essence of saving

I have come to learn the importance of spending wisely, budgeting and not eating with all your fingers. As a teenager, it is important to learn how to spend wisely and with caution without looking at how your neighbour spends in order to avoid getting into debts.

9. Confidence

Low self-esteem shrinks a man and reduces him. I have learnt to be confident in my abilities and be my own number one fan.

10. Happiness

No one can make you happy if you don’t want to be happy. I have learnt that happiness comes from within and that I should not allow other’s insecurities deprive me of my joy.

These are 10 priceless things I’ve learnt from my teenage years. Can you relate to some of these or do you think I might have missed out on some? Feel free to share with me in the comments below.

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