Twenty Things My Teenage Years Taught Me

Summarizing all that I’ve learnt in my teenage years into twenty is really not easy, because I have so many lessons. I’m doing this because I personally want a compilation of the amazing things I have learnt, and I also want to share with other teenagers out there. I hope you enjoy this

1. Love

Love is a word with a broad meaning. I am glad to say my teenage years taught me to love, and keep growing in it. Love is a beautiful thing, really, and it doesn’t matter that I failed in some areas that had to do with love, all that matters is that I picked my lessons and continued to grow. Christ is love, and getting to know him in my teenage years is one of the best things that has happened to me so far. I used to be really hot tempered, but along the line, I found myself in love that it has become so easy to let the love flow in and through me. I am a lady full of love; with Jesus, it doesn’t go wrong. Learning to love has shaped me in many different ways, making me better each day.

2. Patience

Being patient is not so easy, because there are times you just want to lose your chills. C’mon! We are humans and we live in a world with people of different temperaments, but then, it is a virtue we all should have. There are different levels of patience, take it or not, and I can boldly say that I have grown in this virtue; I am still growing.

3. Failure

Well, I learnt failure. This may sound odd or out of context, but I did learn failure. There were many trying times in my teenage years, and failure wasn’t left out. I have come to understand that things may not go really smooth, and that I may not hit my target. Learning this has boosted my consciousness, so when I want to do something, I think about its success and work towards not failing, because I understand what failure means. It is not an interesting thing, to be frank. It’s enough reason to get one depressed

4. Success

While I learnt failure, it’ll be sad if I didn’t learn success. Success is not only getting high grades in exams, just as failure isn’t only about having low grades. Setting goals and meeting up with them is success; doing what makes me happy is success; making plans and watching them get established is success. To me, success is fulfilment and joy. Success is peace in itself. There is a motivation to explore more when you realize you are succeeding; it is sweet, and this is why I cringe whenever I find out that one area of my life isn’t looking promising.

5. Definition of peace

I probably used to think as a child that peace can only be found in a serene environment. Such childish thought! Peace is me being joyous even in the midst of storm. Peace is when everything around me is not well but I’m not bothered by them; I keep moving on. Sometimes, this sounds crazy, but peace is sometimes crazy, right?

6. Relationship with parents

Okay, this is deep. Over the years, I’ve watched my relationship with my parents transition. I knew them differently as a child, and when adolescence came, everything seemed tough. There were lots of arguments and hot atmospheres. Just recently, I was thinking about this, and I realized that there is hardly any conflict between my parents and I anymore, compared to a year or two before now. Should I call it growth? I think it is just understanding, and the heat of adolescence decided to fade away.

7. Doing multiple things at a time

I guess I just love to keep myself busy. The truth is that I didn’t intentionally begin to get involved in many things, I just discovered that things fell into place. I’ve learnt to make things work accurately, even if I have to juggle many at a time.

8. Cut out unnecessary excesses

Some excesses are really not needed. I have learnt to cut out some things in my life that won’t be beneficial, in any way, to me. These things can kill your dreams and make you never move from a spot.

9. Accountable to someone

Being accountable has helped me a lot and has saved me from many troubles. I have at least one person I can report myself to; the person is responsible for me in a way. He/she doesn’t have to be by me at all times, but whenever I want to do something really odd, I remind myself that if such person should know, he/she won’t be happy. I am accountable to God, my parents, my mentor, and some others.

10. Facing trials

Trials will always come, but I have learnt to move on. I remember my early teenage years when I’d think the world should rather end than for me to go through those dangerous challenges that never seemed to have a way out. I still have challenges, but dealing with them is one thing I have come to learn. This is life; things will not always be smooth. Let’s be realistic.

11. God has a new strategy for every tied knot

Following my previous point, there is always a way out. Something happened at the beginning of this year and I was really surprised at how everything became smooth again. Just when you think it is over, you see a tiny light ahead. For every situation, God devises a new means to pull you out. For a while now, I always look forward to the new strategy he’d use in every of my situation. I have learnt that one solution cannot solve all; it should rather be one solution to one situation, and God is the master solver. You can’t argue this.

12. Leadership

Not every leader can lead. I have had the opportunity to lead in various fields. I have led both those older than I am and those younger. A lot of things are packed into leadership, and if we are to discuss this, we will have to begin a fresh post. I am a leader, and I am proud to be one. Learning this in my teenage years is one to be proud of.

13. Trust

I got betrayed, not once. Trust is a big deal. To those who know me so well, they must have heard me say I have trust issues. Really, it is a big deal for me. Today, I trust to an extent, at least far better than who I was many years back. Trust is needed, because people have trusted and still trust me with many things, so I believe that not everyone will throw my trust into the mud. It may take me time to trust you, because I need to be sure I’m in safe hands. Lol

14. I’m in no competition with anyone

Hello!!! Yeah! I don’t want to die before my time, so I let this sink into my head as much as it can. Why get depressed unnecessarily? Do I really have to measure my success with someone else’s yardstick? No! I might have done this several times and felt bad for myself and depressed, but not anymore. I came into this life alone and I’ll leave alone; live your life while I live mine. I’ll applaud you when I need to, and then think of ways I can become the best I can. Comparison should move away and let me see a future for myself.

15. Moving on

You may have seen repetitions of these two words in previous points. I have learnt to move on no matter what. I failed? Move on. That trusted friend betrayed me? Move on. I just got insulted? Move on. The world has deserted me? Move on. See, there is no reward in sitting in a corner and sulking over your life. It’s not like the time is holding on for you till you are done sulking. It may be difficult; of course, it can’t always be easy, but you have to move on anyway. I have learnt to get up from my mess, pick my lessons, and see what the future holds. No time.

16. Keeping the right company

Great! Just great! I am grateful for the amazing people I have come in contact with over the years. I have learnt beautiful things from them, especially where I am right now, I can boldly say that those around me push me to be a better person. Spiritually, academically, morally, name it! Who you surround yourself with and spend a lot of time with, matters.

17. Holding on with someone

We all can’t go through this life individually. I have learnt to grab someone’s hand (literarily or not) and assure that person that there will be a way soon. No matter how reserved you are, you still need someone to hold on to, and someone you can hold as well.

18. Independence

Sometimes, no one is really here, so I stand. I have learnt to stand on my own, even if the world refuses to come to my aid. I have faced a lot of disappointments, enough for me to learn. This includes financials; there is something really sweet about making your own money, although it gets tiring sometimes.

19. Quick to do

This is self-explanatory. Don’t waste time; do what you have to and press the next button. Have you ever had a dream and while in the process of bringing it into life, someone from nowhere does the exact thing and begins to shine before you? Yep! If only you were a little fast with it. Do your findings, make plans, do all that is there to do, just be quick about it, time waits for no one. Such beautiful thing to learn.

20. Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

Phew! The last! I learnt this earlier this year. We wake up each day to face life and different things come our way, so we unconsciously learn things we want to or not. There are many things I have learnt over the years and I’ve also unlearnt. Some things are false, and until you come to the understanding, you will never know. Don’t make that mistake of still holding on to that false thing, all because it was from a ‘reliable source’. Give in to that habit of learning, unlearning, and relearning. This works especially in philosophies of life, tradition, and mix-ups in religion. You should always seek knowledge and let it groom you. I won’t be surprised if, years after now, I’ll have to unlearn some of the things I have learnt today, and relearn them in a new way. Well, it’s all for my betterment.

I am grateful for these amazing things my teenage years has taught me. I am proud of the teenagehood I just left behind and really looking forward to amazing years in my twenties.

What do you think about these lessons?


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