Letter to All Struggling Girls



First I will like to say kudos to all the aspiring, successful girls in the whole world. Thank you for never belittling your worth  even if you faced the most disgusting challenges. Thank you for always staying true to your self no matter how hard it may seem. You have indeed given power and humor to all the women who thought that their lives ended in the kitchen. My deepest gratitude goes to women who multi tasks even if those around  them never the altitude of sacrifice, that they have to put through so that every one is left smiling and happy. Like I always say and  believe, gender doesn’t apply to me. I sincerely believe that everybody should be treated equally. Thank you also to my fellow beautiful, young, and  hardworking girls, who are trying really hard to make their mark in this knotted world, who sleeps really late and work tirelessly for someone to recognize their diligence someday.

The journey to success is surprisingly long, sometimes I ask myself if it is possible to ever relax, to the extent of not moving a muscle, and yet things will be going exceptionally well. I hungrily dream for that moment where I will have to do nothing but still be  making headlines. This road is like zig zag. One moment you feel you are finally getting there but at another instance, you realize you have only moved two inches from where you have been. Hard work never subsides, I think it is aggravated by your level of achievements. The more you acquire, your thirst is motivated to want more. That means, much more devoted time to that dream which give you a reason to go on even if it might seem impossible. Girls have to face a whole lot of challenges not necessarily secluded but it is paramount. Sometimes I hear that most women gave up their dreams just to give their husband the satisfaction of having full concentration on the kids and other small household chores, later in life, they conclude the story by telling their kids that they gave up their dreams just to make them happy.

The sad truth is that it pays when both couples have to work together, split the work and the bills. when you were marrying her, you swore to be one, that doesn’t mean she has to be your cook and your laundry woman and retire to bed as your dessert. yet, men still complain that they wish their wives could be mentally active.It is hard being a girl but you could manage that. Sometime ago, I got a job. I thought it would be easy as the first two weeks was light. Along the line, challenges kept coming, mistakes which I never bargained of kept happening, insults which I never dreamed off kept pouring at my face. I wanted to give up each second the environment treated me ugly. I kept telling myself that the job wasnt my line of interest. I practically took the job based on personal reasons. I struggled really hard and was patiently counting the day I will leave, because I wanted to resign amicably not because a situation happened. In that same job, I have devoted my time, money, labour, innovation, and materials. I even went out and about for my boss to be happy but he always  sees the mistakes instead of the progress. He was always quick to throw  the blame on someone. It was quite a task having to deal with him daily. It took me  while to realize that, he was the best boss I could ever ask of. He brought out various things in me I never thought existed. He challenged me in various project, not that I am perfect but moving two-inch away from who you used to be is quite a huge progress.


Success deals practically with patience, determination and persistence. Success is not doing it when you feel like, it is doing it beyond all odds and impossibilities. It is taking that inconvenient step. It is doing more than your best. It is not about giving up because of self shortsightedness, it is seeing the future even if it seems bleak.

Being pretty is not the drill anymore; putting your value weigh much more than the easy route offered to you by a guy’s hard-earned money. As girls challenges will come, disappointments, trust me even hardship but you have to be self-confident about everything. You have to learn how to stay busy even if there’s nothing to be done. On this road to success, you will have heart breaks, but remember to keep thriving hard no matter the gallops in the road. You will even love the wrong person, you will make mistakes that will make you feel like shutting down but you got to keep trying to improve your self no matter how life treats you. Your body should be your pride not another man dumping ground. Value what you have because each time you sell a piece of your self to a man you are loosing your worth in a gradual process. Be too graceful to accept quick way of success. No matter how life is, I have nurtured myself to always do things that will make me have peace at the end of the day. Equip yourself. Try out a goal that has been in your heart for so long. No matter how little you start, just keep trying, keep your focus straight and learn to fight for the things you want.

There are so many I know of, that think I am prefect, smart, brilliant but they don’t know the struggle I have to face to become the woman I am today, some might laugh and say, who are you? My answer to that is  I am a girl filled with so much potential and dreams. A girl who rather walk a long distance instead of accepting a car lift that would eventually have an adverse effect; a girl who rather lacks instead of accepting money from just any guy; a girl who believes God’s plan over her life is greater than she has ever imagined. I am just a girl who despise the easy way out. I still have a long way to go but I know I am not where I used to be.

I laugh when I see hustlers[girls] hounding over married men, they have forgotten that one day, they too will get married. Call me a fanatic, but I am certain you might admire my disciplined personality of no-nonsense. Struggle for the right hustles, wait patiently for your time, don’t be too forward and too predicted. Don’t let people know every detail about your life, and mind who you share your aspirations to. You will feel down at some points, but remember the reason why you started. sell your truth even if you can’t stand it. don’t love someone you can’t have, because it would give you sleepless night over a loss course.

Smile and relax, the journey to success is about diligence and persistency.People would talk, people would look down on your dreams, but keep moving forward . You can do anything as long as you believe

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