11 Ways to Become an Effective Team Player

Nothing pulls down a team than ineffectiveness of team members. Every team member has a role or more to play to ensure the effectiveness of a team. Hence, every team member must be a team player. A team’s growth requires a conscious effort of each member for the achievement of the stated goals and objectives. 

We will be discussing 11 ways to help you become an effective team player.

1. Know the Vision

The vision of the team is the first thing to know about becoming an effective team player. You must know what the team is for, what they are driving at and how they will achieve their goal. Knowing the vision of the team will give you an insight into what the company stands for and with this, you can easily move on with the team. A team member who does not know the vision of the team will act blindly in the administration of his or her function. This member will not think in accordance with the vision of the organization.

2. Know Other Players


You are not the only one functioning in the team; there are other players. Start by knowing their names, their functions and experience. This will enable you to interact with them. Getting to know other players will enlighten you the more about the organization because there will be a free flow of information across to you. It will help you answer some silent questions you have in your mind.

You must communicate with others to know more about the team. Some teams have signs and symbols in which they use in communicating among themselves, you will get to know this when you know other players. Do not isolate yourself from other team members.

Understand each individual style of communication. Some enjoy verbal and some others, non-verbal style of communication. Knowing players individually will help you express yourself better. Individuals differ in styles of communicating, get to know them.

3. Identify Core Values of Other Players

Since you know the values of the team, you have to know other players core values. To identify other’s values, guide yourself with this question: What does this person consider to be of high importance? You may be surprised that what you tend to trivialize is what he regards as value. Having found out the core value of an individual player in the team, you will work in accordance with his value and this will promote cordial relationship among all members.

4. Know Your Duty

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Every player has his or her area of specialization and area of concentration. Knowing your duty will enable you to do well and will as well energize your inner drive. A team will grow when every individual team member performs his or her duty appropriately. Every member’s duty matters a lot. Everyone on the team is important.

Knowing your duty makes you responsible. It makes other team members appreciate you.

You will be able to solve more problem when you are focused on your duty. Every other team member has his or her function: do not make room for cumbersomeness of activities for others. 

5. Be Diligent

Being diligent means you are carrying out your function effectively and consistently. Consistency is a good virtue for every team member that desires the actualization of the team stated goal and objective. A diligent team member ensures that he makes the best out of every function assigned to him.

There is no greatness attained without diligence. When a man is inconsistent with his duty he will become sluggish and sluggishness delays productivity. 

A diligent person is aware that every minute, hour and day count. He does not waste his time doing things that will be of no worth to him. 

6. Have a Positive Attitude

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There is a popular saying that goes: “the altitude of a man is determined by his attitude”. When a team member has a positive attitude towards the goals of the team and towards his duty, he will be exceptional in his duty.

A team member should have a positive attitude toward the internal environment and external environment of the team. Positive attitude in thinking, positive attitude in taking action, and positive attitude in relating to others. All these are required of a team player.

7. Develop Your Individual Potential

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The world is never static. Every idea seems to be taking a newer shape as time goes on. As a team player, do not settle for the ideas and knowledge you once knew. Do not live in the past. Brush up yourself with the latest development in your area of concentration. 

Get innovation into your duty, you will be happy with yourself when you do according to expectation. Connect to other people’s knowledge by reading books on your area of concern. Reading will make you vast and competent in your field.

8. Detect Opportunities and Threats

Opportunities and threats are beyond the team’s inner circle. They are external factors that can influence the operation of the team. Team members should have their eyes set also on the external environment to get along with new opportunities and trends that can improve the team. 

Threats are negative circumstances that can affect the operation of the team. It is the responsibility of team players to detect threats. Threats can be in form of hackers, competitors, unfavourable government policy, slow network service and so on.

9. Know Others’ Strengths and Weaknesses

You have to know other members’ strengths and weaknesses to be able to work with them effectively. However, you should capitalize on their strengths and not their weaknesses.

10. Trust Your Leaders

Your leaders are there to guide and direct you, trust them. Trust is a very vital ingredient for the promotion of a healthy relationship. You will not have a healthy relationship with your leaders if you do not trust them. Your leaders are made for you and you have to appreciate their efforts over you and the team at large.

11. Accept Correction

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The best way to learn is to admit your mistakes and work on them. Many people are repeating a particular cycle simply because they refuse to accept correction from their leaders or other people who are able to detect their mistake. The adamant nature of a person to correction will not make him learn and do things efficiently and effectively.

No matter how skilful a writer can be, he or she still needs an editor.

Arrogance is not a virtue. Be open to correction. It may be hard but it will build you. Being corrected does not make anyone weak, it depends on your state of mind. What is the state of your mind towards accepting correction? 

Listen to others too. You may be very good but you still need others to brush up your skill. Be open to correction and you will be loved.

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Have you ever had to function in a team? What was it like for you? Are there more tips you think I missed out? Kindly share in the comments below.

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