Live Better

How can you help the world without always doubting yourself?

You want to live better; you want to change from all old and negative lifestyles. Your dealings in life have been futile, your acts in life can never generate a chapter. You want to be a force to be reckoned with but your belief has been clouded with doubts.

You want to lead but your leadership attributes are mixed with lackadaisical habits. The doctrine of leaving a task uncompleted fills up your head, the lack of dedication and commitment towards an assignment fills up your shelf.

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You are always on the other side of everything right, you have wasted so much of your time, you vividly do things you can’t afford and you accept less than you deserve.

Sometimes, you see yourself junior to your peers or mates and you are yet to correct that, which has ultimately affected you. For days and weeks, you have been living with negativity. Months and years have passed and you have been marred with doubts.

Your inability to live up to the expectation of the society is taking its toll on you and you are bothered by the negative and unimpressive remarks you get from that end.

You see yourself at the top but you are not working towards making it to the top.

After all these experiences, it’s time to correct your mistakes, it’s high time you started to do the needful and live better.

Living better is essential to a man’s progress in life, as it stops you from living in the worst way. Living better is key, rewarding, and positive.

Change is constant and you need it to progress and improve your quality of life.

What are you doing to ensure you improve your quality of life? Feel free to share at least one in the comments below.


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