How to be Intentional About Change

Everything that you do amounts to something much more, all you have to do is to be intentional about the change. You can stop lying, stop procrastinating and so on if you are intentional about the change that you are about to make. Change is never comfortable. In fact, it is one of the most tedious things to do. … More How to be Intentional About Change

Enlarge your Coast

When Jesus said to the twelve disciples, in response to their request in the book of Luke 9:13, “You feed them……”, He was not engaging in a foolish talk or making fun of them. He knew their capacity. He knew how endowed God had made them, though the disciples didn’t realize it because they refused to stretch their faith to accommodate the ability to feed nations. But we shall feed nations, because grace to do so is already imparted to us. … More Enlarge your Coast