Change is Constant, How Do I Live With It?

It is time to take the decision to be and do better. Do not be the baby who refuses to get up and walk because he is used to sitting on the floor. Do not be the eagle that refuses to fly because it is afraid of falling. Refuse to dread what must be done. … More Change is Constant, How Do I Live With It?

Swerve to the Right Path!

With strong determination, wisdom, skill and perseverance, you would attain success. I appeal you to never compare yourself with others, you are vastly different. Learn from others but don’t Xerox them. All I am saying is Learn principles and do not copy methods! … More Swerve to the Right Path!

Enlarge your Coast

When Jesus said to the twelve disciples, in response to their request in the book of Luke 9:13, “You feed them……”, He was not engaging in a foolish talk or making fun of them. He knew their capacity. He knew how endowed God had made them, though the disciples didn’t realize it because they refused to stretch their faith to accommodate the ability to feed nations. But we shall feed nations, because grace to do so is already imparted to us. … More Enlarge your Coast