Swerve to the Right Path!


This was written for just one reason: to challenge us to start thinking the right way because that is how we can achieve the success we dream of! So, be challenged and SWERVE if you find that you on the wrong path!

We humans can be funny at times. Can you imagine a traveller trying to get to a destination which the course of his journey can’t take him to? Do you agree with me that He is confused? But that is what some of us do. We want to be successful yet we are acting anti-success.

It seems we have forgotten that our thoughts make our beliefs and our beliefs, in turn, determine how we behave and ultimately our behaviour set the course of our lives. To reach a destination, your path must lead there likewise to be successful you must think success!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you yearn to be successful and you are still keeping a Maintenance Vision, please SWERVE, you are on the wrong path.

Young fellas, if you are comparing yourselves or trying to Xerox someone else’s system of achieving success, you are wrong! You are even starting on the wrong footing. Please, SWERVE before it is too late. What works for one do not always work for another, so do not be deceived.

You have to travel inward, know who you are and what you are capable of. Based on that knowledge of your potentials, choose a path to tread on. With strong determination, wisdom, skill and perseverance, you would attain success. I appeal you to never compare yourself with others, you are vastly different.

Learn from others but don’t Xerox them. All I am saying is Learn principles and do not copy methods!

You may be discouraged and about to throw it all up; to cancel that deal; to close down the business; to give up on that pursuit. In fact, you think you can never make it in what you are doing presently since nothing tangible has resulted from it after years of doing. Well, I am not pleased to tell this but you have to know you just veered into the wrong path.

If you want to be really successful in that path you left, SWERVE back to the lane. You can still make it to the destination.

Let us recall what was said thousands of years ago and has been continually proven to be true, even since when time began. “Anything is possible to him that believeth” Or alternatively, “If you think you can, then you can”.

Return back to that which you have left. Regroup. Re-strategize. Allow yourself to think beyond the box of assumptions, rules and past failures. Break out! Lift the lid.

In your challenges and fears lies the great treasure you have been looking for, so conquer them. You have to keep on trying even though you failed at previous attempts. Don’t give up. Be encouraged in discouraging situations. You will surely reach success.

Lastly, if you live your life for yourself alone, it very important that you SWERVE because the path you are treading leads to empty success. All the achievements, positions and possessions you will ever attain for yourself alone cannot make a good life.

“For life does not consist in the abundance of things”. Don’t just think in terms of these three people; me, myself and I, extend to others. Don’t be a problem to humanity instead be a solution.

Selfish people are the root of World woes. You have to conquer the “self-syndrome” because it is your greatest problem. Live for the greater good from even from the start. Don’t be fooled by the mentality of when I become successful I would remember others, start from now!

True heroes were self-sacrificing. Great people served for the greater good all their life. Set yourself on the right path from now by thinking and living right!

We shall all meet @ the Top!

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