To Make a Difference

One thing I’ve known and observed since I’ve been knowledgeable is the fact that everyone somewhere in their hearts want to make a difference in the world.

A difference in the home (when they finally have one).
A difference in the government ( if they ever get the chance).
A difference in church (if they ever get people to see the scriptures from their own view).
A difference in the streets ( it they ever get to leave the slums).
A difference in their own lives too ( if only they could have a better chance than their parents).

A difference…

Ask the children hawking under the hot sun.
Ask the single mother who dropped outter school because of shame.
Ask the street urchins who hang around every dark corners in town.
Ask everyone coming out of the church auditorium after a long service.
Ask the civil servants who’s been owed for months.

Everyone wants to make a difference.
But what happens to that wish?
How come we keep seeing the wish on a high rise but the results at a ground level?.

One thing I have noticed at one point in time is the fact that majority of the people lose their zeal thereby losing the fight to make a difference.

To make a difference,
You must never lose your zeal.
You must never give up on your dream.
You must never compromise.
You must never feel pressured to lose drop vision.

You can be the difference this world is praying for, only if you wouldn’t give up.

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