What Makes the Difference?

As believers, we are not ordinary. There is something in us that distinguishes us from others in the environment and that is the presence of God. A believer without the presence of God is no different from every other person in the world. There is a difference that the presence of God brings to the life of a man, nothing else can ever do that. There is a God-shaped void in the life of a man, only God’s presence can satisfy it. … More What Makes the Difference?


5 Teenagers Who Acted Beyond Definition

These are a few of the numerous teenagers who never made people define them. They acted beyond definitions. They fought to make a name, they broke the limitations and made a new edge for themselves.
They are all different, but they all have something in common. They don’t limit themselves to definitions the world has given them.

Pick a note, define who you are, who you want to be, draw a goal for yourself and how you can work towards it … More 5 Teenagers Who Acted Beyond Definition