The Power Of Self-investment

On our road to success, we all have to invest in ourselves. However, this is not something we are hearing of for the first time but rather a rephrase. We tend to focus only on the monetary aspect of investments. You see, many of us are handicapped with the belief that without money, nothing is possible.

Well, that’s not applicable in this case. That is, I am giving a better meaning to the fact that we all should have hand skills, popularly known as hand-work. Yes, most of us would not agree. This is the truth and one of the paths to leading a success story.

There are many ways to become that businessman/businesswoman you want to be and what I am sharing with you now is one of them. … More The Power Of Self-investment

How to Cultivate the Habit of Success

Habits are not our vision, they run with our vision. They drive us so fast that we do exceptional things without feeling stressed or tired. They become part of us so much that winning becomes a natural thing to us; success gets attracted to us.

The golden rule of habit says you can’t extinguish a bad habit, you can only change it. Now is the era of change, won’t you be glad to be part of this change? … More How to Cultivate the Habit of Success

What is Involved in Being an an Adolescent?

Whether you belief it or not, the Adolescent age is the most important age of your life: The actions you take, the words you say, the things you believe, the decisions you make, the habits you grow as an adolescent go a long way to form your life. If you ‘miss’ it as an adolescent, then you may never get it right. It is that serious. … More What is Involved in Being an an Adolescent?