The Power Of Self-investment

I am sure most of us have a different meaning to this. There is more to investments than we think. It is a broad topic and I intend to focus on one aspect of it.

You have heard stories of graduates who, after finishing with a first-class degree, end up making a living from their handiwork because of the economy.

On our road to success, we all have to invest in ourselves. However, this is not something we are hearing of for the first time but rather a rephrase. We tend to focus only on the monetary aspect of investments. You see, many of us are handicapped with the belief that without money, nothing is possible.

Well, that’s not applicable in this case. That is, I am giving a better meaning to the fact that we all should have hand skills, popularly known as hand-work. Yes, most of us would not agree. This is the truth and one of the paths to leading a success story.

There are many ways to become that businessman/businesswoman you want to be and what I am sharing with you now is one of them.

Most of us emphasize on already established businesses and opportunities, but we do not take note. The businesses you want to sent your curriculum vitae (CV) to is an investment from a person like you.

This is where the spirituality of things comes in. Yes, I said spirituality, not religion. Most of us seem to sway our mind away from the greatness of God in all things. Any form of success we want to achieve in life is pre-ordained by GOD and achieved by HIS grace.

Whether we like it or not, it still comes back to God. Even if you study to be the best doctor in the world, I am sure we all can imagine the kind of stress it entails and the years it will take.

While trying to achieve your dream, you hear of a friend who studied mass-communication in school already working in some company in the U.S. And then, you find out that they employed him because of the skill (hand-work) he learnt some years back before going to school. Funny, right? But that’s where the GRACE of GOD comes in.

You may have been studying the highest and well paid professional course, not knowing if you will be selected by good companies or if you will be able to establish yourself somewhere.

Hear this, most especially in this trying time (Covid-19), 70% of the people who are skilled (hand-work) are still earning their money. What is happening to the remaining 30%? Are they wallowing in their misfortune?

Let’s paint a scenario:

As men, we are born with responsibilities; at least, that is a common belief. You see a boy who just turned 20 or above planning to leave his father’s house, saying he wants to be able to fend for himself because he is now a ‘big boy’. Most guys take the easy route by involving in cybercrimes and it still revolves around the fact that he’s got responsibilities.

Yes, it’s easy to condemn them. I am not saying what they are doing is good. It is just their way of channelling their thirst of being responsible, forgetting that there are many other ways to be responsible. Perhaps because they were not enlightened early enough?

Cybercrimes aside, let’s look at the positive aspect of a young man who wants to be able to fend for himself, what ways do you think that would be achievable?

The moment he steps out of the house, that means he must have gotten some things doing that fetches some income. This cannot be achieved if he doesn’t have a skill.

Hairstylist, Fashion designer, Content creator, e.t.c. These are the few of many that are already in place. Skills you can invest yourself in. Now, I want us to know this; you want to put yourself out there, what are you available for? Believe me when I say God still performs wonders.

This is more like the faith of being successful- putting yourself in areas that you might be needed and let God take it up from there. Instead of merely complaining.

Why do you think our parents sent us to school? We are their investments, coupled with the fact that they keep praying for us.

Those skills and more are your investments on yourself, preparing you for opportunities that may come your way. We may not know the countless opportunities that have passed us by because of our lack of investing in ourselves. Believe me when I tell you there are ways to invest in yourself.

Imagine being privileged to be successful. By God’s grace, we will be able to fulfil the investment our parents made in us by putting God first in all we do. We all are going to be evidence of the Power Of Investment.

I hope some of us are ready to start investing in ourselves. How else can you invest in yourself outside financial investments? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments.


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