Things Successful People Will Not Tell You

Success is a relative term. To some, success is attaining a social status. To others, it is being excellent in academics. While to many, it is being able to influence people with riches. whatever your definition might be, a fact is that success is the achievement of a desired vision or planned goals.

A lot of people have always wondered how people become successful over time. Some successful people rose from being nobody in the society to very influential personalities in that same society. while some others from middle class families rose to build a high class family. In both cases, it depended on the visions that they had. When these successful persons are asked how they achieved such heights, answers sometimes not sound satisfactory to the listeners; they often will not say their entire experience to being successful. They often just summarize it and acknowledge their whole success story to God.

But I tell you: there are more to it. This article points out some of the things successful people will not tell you.

Goal Setting:

Goal is the object of a person’s ambition or aim. In life, a person cannot be successful without having a goal or an ambition or plan on whatever they want to be successful at.

Successful people will not tell you how they set their goals. However, it is the first requirement to succeed. For instance, Elon Musk wanted to drive an electric car, that was why Tesla was made. And in making Tesla, he became successful.


Planning is a process of thinking about the activity that is required to achieve the goal set up. After setting a goal, there are diverse action that needs to be taken in order to achieve that goal. Goals cannot be achieved with just setting it and sitting down and folding of arms, series of action are needed to be taken to achieve that goals and those action should be taken in their order of priority. A student that want to bag first class in his field of study knows that he can’t just read to achieve this, he also have to attend classes, do assignment and continuous assessment and finally he has to write exam. So action should be place in their order of priority else the goal set up will not be achieve.

Resilient Spirit:

Another thing is their resilient spirit, successful people never give up they will fall and rise again to achieve their goal. Nothing good comes easy, it has to be labour for. Even Jesus was tempted before he achieve his aim on earth, troubles will surely come and so is obstacles but you won’t let them get in your way. The current president of Nigeria contested for that post for three different time before he finally emerge a winner. Successful people will not tell you how failure has made them improve and come out stronger

Self Confidence:

This is another thing you won’t hear from successful people. It is impossible to achieve a goal if you don’t believe you can achieve it else people will sway you from it. You have to be in charge of your life if a student want to be a doctor but he is bad in biology and chemistry his teacher will tell him to give up the dream of becoming a doctor, it is now left to student not to listen to him but instead work on his weakness and make it his strength.

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In conclusion, successful people are humble and they accept critics as an avenue to develop themselves.

By the mercies of God coupled with the above; as well as consistency, success should be a work-over for you irrespective of what you desire to be successful at. Be tenacious and keep at it!


2 thoughts on “Things Successful People Will Not Tell You

  1. Thanks so much . this was so enlightening and informative thanks for revealing a ”SACRED” secret to us.
    God bless u 13 times in a second multiplied by all the years you will spend on planet earth. Bye stay safe stay holy stay at home stay tosh.PEACE OUT. GOOD NIGHT.

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