The Pursuit of God

It is not about the gift
It is about the giver
It is not about the service
It is about the served

To chase Him
To crave Him
To yearn for him
To seek his face

See your inadequacies
See your frailties
See your weaknesses
See your deficiencies

But focus on him
Look intently
At his face

Draw from his strength
To help your weaknesses
From his Sufficiency
To help your inadequacy

Looking into Jesus
The beginner
And perfecter
Of your faith

Don’t seek Him
For what you can get
Seek him for who He is
To know Him, to be intimate with Him.

Seek Him for who He is. To know Him.

Oh Lord,
That I may know you!

Take a minute to examine the level of relationship you currently have with Him. Can it get deeper?


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