Why Should I be Disciplined?

One might ask: If life is so short, why should I spend any part of it being careful or disciplined?

Popular question, right? If you have thought in this line, well, you are not alone. So many people, even the most disciplined sage and achieving individuals have asked the same question at a point in their life journeys.

We will talk about a few things that changed their minds or if you prefer, the reasons why they decided to be disciplined.

Let’s consider this from life’s angle. Life in itself is an ordered entity; the sun rises in the morning and sets at night, the rain falls when it’s time and is succeeded by dry season. From this we know that Discipline is an orderliness factor, a mediator that seeks to make sure things go as they are expected or wanted to.

Perceiving Discipline as a “sadist” who doesn’t want us to enjoy life is the first stronghold that can prevent us, especially teenagers, from benefiting from the unlimitedness of a disciplined life.

Why then should we be disciplined?

1. Because life truly is short

If man does not know the number of days He has on Earth neither did he influence the moment when He was born, hence, all He has is now, the choices He makes of it and the dream He can live out of it. 

This sum up to mean that achieving something out of a finite present moment would demand a deal of discipline, considering the thousand and one things that are demanding humans’ attention within the same period.

Discipline helps us to manage our time and overall life better so that in the end, we can be happy people who lived fulfilling lives.

2. Basic for gaining self-esteem and other people’s respect.

Having Self-discipline is one of the basic ways to develop reputable character that others would want to emulate.

Truly the process of discipline is not pleasant at first. Hebrews 12:11 – “No Discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”

Hence, fellow humans tend to adore and respect those who have the mastery of discipline in character, health, relationship, spiritual life and other life sectors.

Infact, many couples get attracted to each other on the basis that they admired a discipline trait in their partner, which they are still developing or wish to develop.

Discipline at a time like this…

Make the best of every moment- Discipline

I cannot think of any other time to talk about discipline than at a time like this.

Though the world seems to be at pause because of the Coronavirus pandemic, things are still happening and the world is moving regardless, especially through the technology field.

Without the norms and daily routine of life, it is taking many people dedication to move on and achieve their stipulated goal for the year. However, many are already accepting the feat and seeing Stay Home Isolation as the new normal. Business owners, corporate workers, students are all trying to adapt to this change and that will demand discipline on their side, between managing their work and home at the same time.

When the pandemic is over, because it will, we would know the difference between those who have been disciplined enough to stay in line with their career and those who haven’t, because the result would be all over.

So, Champs, it’s time to accept the new normal and stop wishing that the pandemic would be over, alone. Get to work and keep up with your academic goals and other likes. 

Take advantage of the online learning platforms on various media and keep the good spirit alive.

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In the long run, we’ll realize that discipline is our friend and not our foe.

Why not consider starting small by creating bits of daily routines with respect to your academics, career and personal development? Most times, self-discipline is carved from being consistent with mundane activities.

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