Delving Into the New

Have you ever seen that brilliant idea that you conceived at some point but never acted upon executed by someone else? I know only too well that pain, those thoughts of what could have happened if you had acted differently, that resignation to “wait for your time”. This is to change that narrative, delve into that “something new” that you have, and execute it! It might be just the push you need to rediscover yourself.

Hard. Scary. Exciting.

That’s what starting something new usually feels like. We all know that change is the only constant thing in our lives, but the subtle changes that occur almost unnoticed over the years are so much easier to confront than the daunting task of stepping into something entirely new.

When you have that amazing brainwave, that absolutely brilliant idea, the adrenaline is pumping and you can’t wait to begin! But that’s the danger with jumping in headfirst: you just might crash and burn out before you know it. Quite a number of people make this mistake and end up with nothing but the carcasses of the brilliant ideas they had, which failed.

That’s where the necessity of planning comes in. Though we’ve all heard this so many times it sounds like motivational “aspire to perspire”, it really is important to outline your brainwave using a SWOT analysis to figure out the potential Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your startup.

Without “writing the vision and making it plain”, it might be difficult to ascertain where to begin or how to make and measure progress. Setting goals also help you determine where you’re going with your idea and how you’ll get there. Without that, you just might be wandering in the dark.

When analysing the threats most especially, it might strike you how many contingencies have to work in your favour for your idea to succeed, how likely it is that you do not take off properly or the odds that may not be in your favour.

It is necessary to face the fear, to confront those thoughts about how easy it would be to settle into the status quo and leave things as they are. A mentor once told me “Don’t be scared of failure, be scared of never trying”. It still strikes me how germane that is. You fail if you don’t start, so you can’t afford to let that fear stop you!

Don’t be scared of failure, be scared of never trying.

Don’t forget to reach out to those who have preceded you for guidance as well. The practical world is always so different from theory and leadership is always necessary. Have people to whom you are accountable.

Friends, delve into the new today. Take that idea that has been marinating in your mind, write out a plan with specific goals, and begin to take action!


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