Self-Confidence Changes the Game!

We all have dreams. We want to be successful; be respected and celebrated but it turns out that only a selected few seem to be the ones who achieve this goal?.

No one was born to fail but whether we would be a success or a failure is largely dependent on the actions we take or the traits we possess. And confidence easily sits as one of the prominent ones.

We have a yearly beauty contest in my school where two of my friends are contestants. While one is shy, the other is quite bold. They have both been available for rehearsals, photo shoots and the likes but when it was time to show the audience what they had rehearsed, the shy one couldn’t leave her room. She had the potentials to win but was too shy to make the move, while the other lady was there on stage at the right time, the right position and with the right attitude.

As you might have guessed, this bold, and charismatic lady went on to win the competition while the shy favorite of the competition sat back in her room in fear. When I got to know about this, I thought, when the desired is not available, the available is desired.

when the desired is not available, the available is desired.

If you don’t believe in yourself and cannot stand up for yourself, no one else will. Reason being that even when people try to help you, they would still need you to be bold enough to take a step, sure enough to present your work, willing to advertise those goods, fluent enough to discuss that idea with someone and so on. But if you allow fear to hold you down, then, truth is: there might be no way out for you.

You have to know that if you don’t take a step towards achieving that goal, no one would help you, if you are not bold enough to pursue your dreams, no one would pursue it for you, if you don’t believe in your abilities, you won’t do so well. You don’t want to look back, and realize the potentials you’ve wasted, the opportunities you’ve missed, and the dreams you’ve left unpersuaded.

Trust me, it is true that if you do not build your dreams, someone else would hire you to build theirs. Would you rather leave your dreams fading away while you help others achieve theirs?

It’s okay to feel scared to take the first step, quite normal to feel incapable at times. It’s not a crime to think you cannot do well as your friend has – but it is very bad to let that fear stop you from leaving your comfort zone. It is not an excuse to let your feelings keep you from conquering new grounds.

When you set out to achieve your goal(s), people will hate you, friends will call you a fool, family members might not support you, you would have a thousand and one reasons why that plan/idea of yours will never work! But in the midst of these challenges, if you hold on, and uphold that idea of yours fearlessly, if you can confidently execute your plans, then nothing can stop you. It all starts with you.

A woman once told me about how her lecturer made her feel like a fool because he never appraised her work the way she would have loved. She said: ‘even the way he criticize me alone is enough for me to know that he just doesn’t like me, but one day he said to me: why do you feel so bad whenever I criticize your work, are you not confident about it?’ When the lecturer asked her that question, her mindset changed, she said.

When Mark Zuckerberg started out, his friends thought his idea was stupid, but today, the social media is basically controlled by this young man. No one ever thought a black could rule America, but Barack Obama did, and till today he is regarded as one of the best man to have ever ruled the country. Do you think people would not have told him he couldn’t? Of course they would have – but he did anyways.

Abraham Lincoln tried to be a governor, failed at all 6 attempts but confidently contested for presidency the seventh time! He would have been called him a fool that failed at being elected as a governor 6 times, and wants to try to be the president – but he kept at it anyways, and he was elected president.

So, don’t feel bad because your idea was challenged, don’t feel rejected because you did not get the support you thought you would get from your family members.

Go ahead and break the bar, dare to think outside the box, be bold enough to submit your opinion, be willing to try again even if you fail at first.

Because if you ever wish to be successful, then you have to be confident, you have to earn it. But if you let fear hold you down, then you should be ready to live with the blame all the rest of your life and be ready to explain your failure to generations to come.

Step out today and change the game. You can do it!

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13 thoughts on “Self-Confidence Changes the Game!

  1. Really good post! Such a great reminder that if we believe in ourselves we can transform our lives. Also reminds me that other people’s disapproval shouldn’t stop us from living our dreams. 🌷

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    1. Yes dear. It’s our lives we must learn to ‘own it’ and go all out to get that which we desire no matter how tasking it seems. I am glad you found it helpful.

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  2. Great Post! I really like your perspective on these things! I recently started a Blog called and you having a quick read would mean a lot! All the best

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