How Essential is Self-confidence?

Yes, it is important. Believing in oneself is like knowing the true value. For example, a photographer using a low quality camera gets a new HD quality camera. Imagine the joy he would feel and the kind of quality work he would produce on the long run. That is how great self confidence is to human.

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My first experience with external exam was with my GCE. I failed some subjects and pass some, but it prepared me for my WEAC. I have known what is required of me to come out in flying colours. I know how to compose myself and when I entered into the examination hall, I was so sure of that I wouldn’t make the mistake I made with my first. That’s it, not everyone succeed at their first try.

There are potentials in everyone and if you want to bring it out, you have to keep trying till you reach the full potential.

With confidence, you have won the battle before it even start. That’s the kind of energy boost self confidence gives. If you are self-confident, this thing will be revealing


When you are confident, you will smile often and it will boost your reactions towards situation. You will be happier and more confident. Being confident will give you greater joy and happiness,;there will be positive feeling in everything around you, your chin will always be high and everything will seem easy.

Freedom from Self Doubt

Confidence denies you the emotion torture of self doubt. Your mind will be able to see possibilities in difficult situation and that will increase your self worth. You won’t be at the mercy others and won’t be stretched to life obstacles since you can’t assume victim mentality.

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Freedom from Fear

Fear will have no dominion over a confident person, you will be in control over it.

In Conclusion

Confidence makes you appreciate your worth and you become stronger over time. Experience will be there for you cause you will have to face different encounters and it will be easy to handle rejection and emerge stronger than ever.

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How are you improving the level of your confidence?


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