Building Your Faith in the Face of Adversity

Everyday comes with its pack of troubles. People faced with different issues, some not easily recognized; emotional troubles, depression, breakdown, retrenchment, etc. 

The world is also faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and this new abnormal has affected countless individuals. 

Your present adversity has somehow made you think of ways to build your faith. I’m glad to help you focus on the basic truth to do that.

Get the Word

The Bible says “So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.” Romans 10:17(NLT).

When faced with problems, it is wisdom to be mindful of the information you feed yourself. 

Instead of listening to depressing reports, how about studying the bible for the word that will speak life to that calamity? The right words from the scriptures is sufficient to build your confidence in God’s ability to see you through that adversity.

Talk to God

I usually say prayer is talking to God and listening for his response. 

Tell God exactly what you’re facing, talk to him about the pain, hurts and needs. If you want to cry, go ahead because He understands. 

Praying takes the burden off you and places it on God.

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Stay Joyful

I’m not asking you to fake a smile pretending there’s no problem.

Rather find joy in the person of Jesus Christ. Moreover, joy isn’t found in circumstances but in Jesus.

Be around People of Faith

Locate people who will speak faith-filled words to you in times like this and spend time with them. Let God guide you to these people. Your faith has to be strong to face life’s challenges so, take the conscious efforts to build your faith today.

How are you building your faith during this period?


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