Praying Teenager

It is not an argument, it is not a necessity, or compulsory but it is mandatory. It is your sacred moment, where you need to allow your inner man take charge of you completely; where your flesh seems dead completely. It is that period, when you long for something deeper than all that it takes to be happy on this planet earth. It is that time, where your inner man becomes too selfish to yield to the things of the flesh. It is that heart-felt moment between you and Him.

I would like for us to break this topic into three. What does it mean to pray? What is prayer? And how does it connect to teenagers since prayer is supposed to be generalized and not categorized?

I would start off by saying that it takes nothing from you to pray, and it takes everything of you to pray. I know we would mostly like to compare ourselves to celebrities or stars around the world, how buoyant they have been living, and still do not have that deep connection with God. I would like to tell you that, forget what you see or hear, forget how you see people, because you can only know as much as they allow you to see. They might act unrighteous, but you do not know their inner connection with Jesus. Remember he teaches us not to compare ourselves with one another. So back to my question: what does it mean to pray? It means, total submission to someone whom you have complete trust and faith in. It’s like you feel him in you, You cannot see him but he feels more alive to you than the air you breathe. It is surrendering to a deeper force that cannot be explained but you feel at ease. It is genuinely allowing someone to know all our weaknesses and hurts, without feeling ashamed or judged. It is that state where you pour your heart to God and knowing fully well that it has been answered through the eyes of faith on the altar of prayer. It is that moment, when you feel it in your soul that there is no greater peace that the tranquility of knowing that He is the only way, the truth and life.

My second question: what is prayer? I would describe prayer as a talk with God. It also means a conversation with God. I would like to use the world talk, because it sounds so much easier and comfortable that way. Have you noticed this, nothing is done all the time by raising our voices, or by telling people that they should help you, because you have helped them in the past.  In scriptures, often times we find Jesus talking to God, either in petition, prayer or thanksgiving, Jesus was most times, talking to God.  That explains everything. Sometimes, when we pray and shout during our alone time with God, when it is time for us to present our supplication, we become too tired to pray, thereby we start to pray for irrelevant things that we do not even need. So just like you talk with your friends about the cutest guy in class, just open your lips wide and talk to God about your day, apologize to him if you have not allowed Him to use you throughout the day because of your busy schedules. Tell him you love him, and thank him for loving you, even if you are too busy or too self-doubted to notice it.  It is that moment when you are too filled with the goodness of God and your heart cannot contain the feeling, that you start to shed tears because of His awesomeness. It is knowing that you have someone who is stronger than a rock, who is willing to see you through difficulties. It is that time when your surrender to a bigger power of the supreme God.

Some might even doubt his efficacy, His existence and His words. Every one, including teenagers in their confused little minds try to understand who formed God since he had all the knowledge to life, since he is magnificent. So, who is the father of God? Where was God living before decided to form the heaven and the earth? But He is wiser than all humans and heaven combined together. He knew lots of question would be asked, especially in the minds of his little children, so He answered that and said He is the first and last; the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the omega. He is, who was, and is yet to come. He said there is none before Him.  Don’t blur your head, He is omnipresent, always everywhere. He makes everything easy. He taught us how to pray-Matthew 6:9-13. You could also pray by giving thanks to God. It is bowing down to your knee and drawing near to God. It is frequently commanded so that your walk with God can be going from one realm to another. It is your ticket to get God’s attention. Prayer is an offering of faith and steadfastness. It is worshiping with God without any barrier and setback.

My last question: how does it concern Teenagers, since prayer is meant to be generalized and not categorized?

Jesus said do not chase the little children from me, because who ever chase them would not enter into the kingdom of GOD.

Teen age is that adolescence period where your orientation about the cognizance of things around you start to change. It is that period where you want to experiment on a lot of things, that state where your hormones are active, too active if not be. It is that period of  childhood to adulthood. That is how your flesh sees it, but spiritually, it is the time of breaking bounds, not thinking of how you want to explore those feelings cooked on the inside of you. It is taking charge because we are the apple of God’s eye. As God’s children, it is the time to fellowship with him more so you can maintain a relationship with Him, all the days of your life. It is that period where you won’t hurt your friends’ feelings, simply because you know that you are hurting God. It is that state where you know that hormones would come knocking, but you are too God-busy to allow cause an infirmity between you and God. It is trusting intimately because you know that with Him, all things are possible.

As teens, we are leaders of tomorrow, aging relentlessly in the things of the kingdom, without being moved by circumstances. It is knowing how to come back on your feet, no matter how long it takes.


4 thoughts on “Praying Teenager

  1. Hmmn… Prayer as a way of life
    Most times praying as a teenagers reveals hidden truths, breaks bondages and helps grow spiritually.


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