4 Core Qualities to be all-round Exceptional

Hey Dear readers,

How has our journey through exceptionality been? As May draws to a close and paves the way for June, so will our theme change from exceptionality to the amazing surprise June has in store for us.

Please bear in mind that the end of the month of May doesn’t bring our exceptional journey to an end, as the goal to becoming exceptional is not a “May” thing, but a life thing. So remember to keep being exceptional up until your very last breath.

In this article, we would be looking at four core qualities of all-around exceptionality. The qualities of an exceptional person aren’t limited to these four, but every other quality can be summed under these.


A lot of time, the word grace is always replaced with Confidence. While the two might be similar, Grace is much more than your personality style, elegance, self-carriage and the “I can” mantra.

Grace is inborn, unaffected by external or internal circumstances. You could have had a bad day, maybe had your proposal rejected, failed at a project, have those annoying voices question your abilities and even have your confidence stripped off of you! Yet your knowledge of whose you are remains intact.

In simpler terms, Grace for me means GODfidence. Knowing that it is the presence of Christ in you that makes all the difference, not just your abilities and achievements.


Exceptional people are extremely kind and loving. This quality helps produce groundbreaking results because their teammates, friends and family are always willing to go the extra mile for them. Even when they are required to work round the clock just to meet up with a deadline, the people in their circle don’t feel the heat, because they are constantly and sincerely checked on. They are appreciated for their efforts and are never taken for granted.
Don’t be the “I either step on you or drag you off the ladder so I can succeed” person.

Be known for kindness. This is a fruit of the Spirit, and if you certainly carry Christ, you can’t compromise on this one.


This brings a popular verse of the Bible to memory.

“For God has not given us the Spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind”

2Timothy 1:7

Exceptional people take that risk, regardless of the obstacles. They raise the bar higher, setting groundbreaking realistic goals. They are daring and courageous. While others see a dead end, they see a problem in need of a solution. This quality definitely distinguishes them from the crowd.

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This quality is a must-have, and I am sure you agree with me. Exceptional people are super intelligent, smart and wise. They keep up with the latest developments in their field, and research for new ways to constantly add value while staying on top of their game.

They are ever ready to learn, relearn and unlearn, which makes them really intentional about the kind of content their minds feed on.

Like they say, “garbage in garbage out”.

To be intelligent is not a day’s job, but it is also attainable. It’s about time you became intentional about feeding your mind.

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Have a wonderful journey to becoming exceptional, I look forward to hearing your stories.


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