4 Core Qualities to be all-round Exceptional

Exceptional people are extremely kind and loving. This quality helps produce groundbreaking results because their teammates, friends and family are always willing to go the extra mile for them. Even when they are required to work round the clock just to meet up with a deadline, the people in their circle don’t feel the heat, because they are constantly and sincerely checked on. They are appreciated for their efforts and are never taken for granted.
Don’t be the “I either step on you or drag you off the ladder so I can succeed” person. … More 4 Core Qualities to be all-round Exceptional

Understanding the Love of God.

We do not do anything to earn God’s love. We do not have to merit God’s love. There is no condition for us to enjoy God’s love. God’s love is simply unconditional. He doesn’t love us because of some virtue we possess, neither does he not love us because we are sinners. He loves us for he is himself love. … More Understanding the Love of God.