Getting the Most from Self-help Books

Some may argue that reading a book with a preconceived opinion distort the information you get from a book. True. But you would not pick a book and start reading for no reason. Don’t hinder other aspects of your life because you are reading a book. Be accountable for whatever you read. … More Getting the Most from Self-help Books

How to Stay On the GO

Whatever interests you, you need to continuously find how you can improve in that area. Read books that will help you stay on track, watch movies that will give you great ideas, stay enlightened, stay your best at every point in time, little effort amount to something much. … More How to Stay On the GO

Making the Best of Your College Years

Engage your mental faculty. Think. Brainstorm about ideas. Don’t limit your reading to academic books alone. Read self-development books. Read leadership books. Study and research the people you want to be like. Find out what makes them successful. Develop your own life philosophies.

Spiritual and Mental Development are keys to a successful life in the real world but you have to take the time to develop in these areas … More Making the Best of Your College Years

Your time, Your life

Life is full of mysteries, humans are living with chunks of questions they can’t find answers to, puzzles that don’t seem solvable, and even a life that doesn’t look livable. Yet in a world of struggle and unending curiosity, you can thrive, you can cope, you can succeed, you can shine, you can be okay. Yes! If you realize and accept the fact that “your time is your life” … More Your time, Your life