Resourceful Activities for Teenagers

The teenage years range from thirteen to nineteen. These are the most formative years of one’s life. The body system is changing, the psyche of quite a number of us begins to get renewed and our understanding of the world begins to change. These years are also very delicate, as choices that you make during these years can either make or mar your future. It is therefore important that, as a teenager, you engage in resourceful activities that will build you into a better person. Below are some activities that you can carry out as a resourceful teenager.

1. Read Books

There is no gainsaying that “Readers are Leaders.” Books are worthy companions during these formative years. It is what you know that gives you an edge. Books serve as the mirror that reflects the world to you. With books, you are able to interact with the minds of several people and get proper orientation as to what life is all about.

Set a target: I will read two books per week.

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2. Take an Online Course

It’s the jet age we are in, guys! You can learn literally anything online. Take a course in Communication or Leadership or Business or Management or Personal Relations, etc. With these courses, you put yourself in the forefront, ahead of others within your age range and you are able to connect so well with people when you interact with them on the outside. There are several sites where you can learn from. There are Google Certified Courses. YALI. Coursera. Udemy. You can also check out TMO Academy.

3. Learn a Life Skill

Time management, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Budgeting, etc, are life skills that will help you in the long run. These are skills that are essential in anyone’s life journey. As a teenager, it is important that you learn at least one of these skills, and there’s no stopping you from learning as many skills as possible. The key to this is to keep learnings and never stop growing.

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4. Learn to Save

Money is an essential tool. One that you will need as you get into the young adult phase. It is therefore vital that you learn the art and act of saving. Do not spend all your money on frivolities. Know the difference between your wants and your needs. Learn to save. There are several apps out there that help with saving – Piggybank, Kuda, Abeg, etc. If you can’t get the apps, make use of the traditional style of saving by putting your money in a container, something known as “kolo.” You will thank yourself you did this.

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5. Create a Vision Board

It was from the veteran actor, Chidi Mokeme that I learnt this – “You can never feature in a future you didn’t picture.”

Images are powerful. You have to have a vision board.

What’s a vision board?

It’s a board that contains pictures of the kind of life that you want for yourself. Where do you want to be in the next five years? In the next ten years? What kind of house do you want to live in? What type of cars do you want to drive? Who motivates you? Who are your mentors? Who is your role model? Which cities do you want to visit? Get pictures of these things and place them on your vision board. Look at them every morning. It helps to shift your focus on things that are important. What you see is what you become!

6. Volunteer

This is one powerful activity that you should get involved with. Learn to give your time and self to the betterment of others. As you volunteer, you meet different people from different walks of life and it helps shape you into becoming more thoughtful and kind towards the next person. Volunteering also helps you learn how to relate well with people. It teaches how to communicate effectively.
You can easily sign up to be a volunteer for TMO.

There are many more resourceful activities that you as a teenager can engage in, but with these six, you are good to go. Do let me know what activity you intend to engage in via the comment section and don’t forget to share with someone.


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