6 Qualities a Mentor Should Possess

We all need mentors at every point in our lives, but the question now is what to look for in a mentor. Not everyone can possibly qualify to be your mentor. Although there are different types of mentor, which is a different topic entirely, there are still some general qualities to look out for in someone you want to entrust a vital part of your life with. Keep reading to know some of these benefits:

1. Fear of God

The most important quality to look out for in someone you wish to make your mentor is the fear of God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and will help the person lead you aright because the spirit of God dwells in him/her.

A mentor who doesn’t fear God might not be able to help you, because only God can give him/her what is needed to guide you aright and if the person’s relationship with God isn’t smooth, you can be handled roughly.

The fear of God won’t make him/her try certain silly things, like harassing you; we’ve heard cases of mentors sexually harassing mentees.

2. Trustworthy

I personally have trust issues and find it difficult to trust people for the fear of being betrayed or let down. This is why you may have to pray before settling for a mentor, to ensure you are on the right track.

God is the only one who is 100% trustworthy, but there are still people who, to some extent, you can your life into their hands. Before you can call someone your mentor, the person must be trustworthy and must always have your back any day and any time. Should be someone you can tell a lot of personal things.

3. Wiser, informed and learned

Your mentor should be in every way wiser than you, so as to lead you concerning a matter that needs to be attended to. He/she should be able to think ahead of you and see things beyond your point of view.

4. Maturity

I’ll like to address the place of having 3 kinds of mentor:

  • Someone older than you
  • Someone of the same age as you
  • Someone younger than you

The 3 will be later addressed fully in my next post on the topic.

The place of maturity most often falls in the first group. Someone older than you must also be matured than you are spiritually, physically, emotionally and in other areas of life all things being equal. Age shouldn’t be the only determining factor.

The person should be more experienced than you are and must have passed through the stage you are, so he/she has a story to tell.

5. Bold and courageous

Your mentor should be ready to go through and overcome challenges with you. He/she should be an encourager who will ease you off your challenges and worries.

A mentor that scares you and makes you think your problem is the greatest isn’t the best for you. He/she must be able to stand by you and solve your problem with you.

6. Sees the best in his mentee

Your mentor should always seek and see the best in you, not the beast in you.

He should be able to work out your weakness and encourage you to do more, no matter where you are presently, and not discourage you to make you feel less of yourself.

These few points will be very helpful in choosing the right mentor to guide you.

Do you have a mentor? Is the person right for you?
Are you yet to have a mentor? Choose wisely.

Hit the comments below to share other vital qualities to look out for in a mentor.

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