How to Self-motivate

Motivate first the mind that you want to escalate.

Feranmi Oyedele (Lamide)

In a world full of incessant worries and holdbacks, motivation is one thing that everyone should have a dire need for, every step of the way. It matters little how resilient and purposeful you seem to be or think you are, chances are that at certain times, the vibes may be gone and the passion may be lost. Life is not a bed of roses after all.

This pronounces the need for motivation. The dictionary defines it this way:

To provide someone with an incentive to do something; to encourage.
To animate; to propel; to cause to take action.

It is not a hidden fact that motivation, most times, is all the force you need to remain in motion when you’re bogged down with situations that decline your tendencies to forge ahead. Of course, you have, at one time or the other, listened to motivational speakers and the words you got from them refuels your passion.

You also must have read books that got you jumbled. In some cases, your source of motivation could even be a mentor, role model, friend, partner – the list goes on.

The truth is you cannot enjoy the privilege of external motivation for long. Why? Because the external motivations come from humans – who are subject to errors and weaknesses. People come and they go and well, you have to put up with this fact.

The questions here are what happens if every external motivation source is absent? If what motivates you ceases to, will you survive? Will you sit down and watch life evaporate if the world stops believing in your dreams and hence withdraws their motivation?

If the answers to the questions are negative, then it is high time you learnt how to shift focus from external to internal and make yourself your own chief motivator.

4 Clear Cut Ways You Can Self-motivate

1. Believe in yourself

I can only honestly hope that you don’t get over-familiar with this sentence. You’ve heard it more than a million times and it now seems commonplace. The truth, however, remains that believing in yourself- and all you do- is primary to not only fulfil purpose but also self-motivate.

When you have an undaunted belief in what and who you are, you operate and do things from a place of self-responsibility and charge. You know your dreams and you’re sure about them coming true.

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Believing in yourself can have a honourable effect on your self-esteem too and that aids you in self-motivation. You know you’re not ordinary, you’re a future legend and you’re set to blaze unimaginable trails. By believing in yourself, you become identity conscious and that real

2. Keep seeing it

Write your dreams down on a paper, sit on them and envisage every one of them in your mind. There’s a lens of the mind with which the future can be focused and captured. Whenever you lose track of momentum and want to self motivate, review your dreams and imagine them – the beauty, the colours, the fulfilment, the opportunities, the lifelong impacts.

A ponder on these will certainly get you back on track because your future is bright and you are giving it all it takes to achieve it. Let me also say that this concept has helped me maintain motivation, over time. You want to give it a try too.

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3. Develop yourself

You definitely cannot be satisfied with the state you are presently in and it has thus become imperative that you must build yourself in every way that you can. Desire to grow and improve yourself. Work on your skills and potentials see every day as an opportunity to go a step closer to your goals. Get busy growing because it is only the man who grows that glows.

When you dissipate your totality growing and developing yourself, motivation is surely the byproduct which will rub off on you. Because the more you improve, the more you want to keep pushing and that is motivation.

4. Keep your progress in check

Start by setting realistic goals for the day or week, determine to achieve them by including deadlines, and plan to treat yourself when you achieve them. What are your goals for the year? How have you been working towards achieving them? I’ll always suggest that they are written down, strictly followed and mark each one once they are achieved.

No matter how seemingly little, any goal you determine to achieve and eventually achieved gives you a sense of purpose in life. The progress, regardless the pace, motivates you to keep going.

For me, I’m so good with this that even my pictures get me off my bed. I look at my pictures and envisage the number of nations that will be in my care, the lives that will be at the mercy of my decisions and the future generations that will survive on my cause. I’m that crazy about myself, I’ve always known that, regardless where I am now, my seat is in the midst of great men and that’s the strength of my motivation.

You can do it too! See you at the top!

How do you motivate yourself to do better? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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