Believe in yourself!!!

‘Do not let anyone look down/despise/think less of you because you are young’… 1Tim4:12
Take your stand in any situation you find yourself, for God to have given you that assignment he knows you are capable and matured enough to do it, age has nothing to do with your mission in life.
People might discourage you (not even “might” in this world we find ourselves). They will surely discourage you, look down on you and make you feel less important or irrelevant but receive your strength in God and let them know that as young as you are you can do exploits for God

Set examples for believers

•In speech(conversation)
•In conduct(charity, leadership skill)
•In love(strong and caring attraction towards people)
•In faith
•In purity(integrity, free of immoral behaviour)

Do not neglect your God-given  gifts and talents

God gave you so that someone else can be blessed and benefit from it.
Like I mentioned earlier, remember not to be bothered about contemptuous words that people say of you

Your environment may tend to limit you when you’re fulfilling purpose but make up your mind and see yourself the way God sees you.
You are His image!!!

Teens, let’s go out there and impact lives positively…

That’s our mission!!!

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