The Trust that Failed

We both laughed at how Mrs Ngbari tied her gele so effortlessly. Nothing seems to be funny but with Tolu at my side, everything is funny. She is simply the epitome of a “ride and die”. We are so compatible.

I still recall what happened some days ago, Tolu and I were about to mount on a bike but my cousin insisted that she rather goes with the one with a more colourful brand even if it was Tolu who waved to get the man’s attention. My cousins kept saying it was neater and it suited her appearance. If only you saw the way she kept nagging, you would have mistaken the motorcycle for a Ferrari. I know pretty well that Tolu would have said not one but a thousand words but she really indulged my presence, so she kept still; all she did was curse her silently. As we arrived our destination, Tolu and I courteously hopped out of the motorcycle, and instead of my cousin to do same, she was obstructed with the handsome dude that walked by. She hurriedly jumped down without paying attention to the stabilizer beside her right leg. As she tried mounting down with force, I heard a very loud scream!  I must confess I would have mistaken her for someone else because she often claims “BRITISH ACCENT”. She screamed so loud that every one thought something worse had happened. That stabilizer must have been hot as hell because it peeled her skin without any tremendous mercy. Tolu couldn’t help but laugh so uncontrollably, I tried really hard to fight the amusement out, but instant tears kept gushing out from my eyes probably because I’ve been suppressing my feelings for long. I noticed I was choking already. The second I released air from my mouth, it took about fifteen minutes for my cheeks to find stability because it was hurting due to long hours of laughter. My ribs were hurting,  I must have laughed really hard. It was really amusing. Though I felt  sorry for my cousin, if only she had allowed Tolu to take her rightful spot, this wouldn’t have sounded so funny.

Tolu and I were so inseparable, I told her all my secrets and she told me hers as well or I thought she did. We were more than sisters, I trusted her with everything I had. Tolu wasn’t the typical tall girl you would see on a fashion show but she was dark and beautiful; I sometimes envy how skinny she looks, we even made jokes about it. Tolu was like my mother, in fact, I consider her more than family.

Two months ago,  I introduced Tolu to my fiance, Her response was cold. I really wanted to hear all she had to say about him but all she gave me was a cold response. She excused herself saying she wasn’t feeling too well. Her reaction set my Mood off and I couldn’t chew my food at the dinner. I expected much more from the attitude she displayed. I know she was pretty good in Acting Class but We don’t  get to roll camera and call shot in real life, we don’t get to edit mistakes and say sorry for forgetting lines. I was not expecting that reaction. I got home that night, and decided I would see her the following day and ask her what the matter was? My night was in a state of turmoil as I kept turning around, changing positions like a restless child.

Finally, it was morning. I felt my eyes were cloudy and fatigue. my body needed rest as I didn’t have much sleep the previous night. I decided to rest a little and allow the morning sun to bring its brightness before barging to her house like a wounded lion. I finally woke up, from my judgement it should be past 10Am. I quickly jumped into the shower and did my morning ritual, I ate very little because I was still appalled with the way things went the previous night. I took my keys from my dining table and rushed out of the house like I do when going for an official meeting in which I was terribly late for. I arrived at her house, and hurriedly ran to her room with a pace I never thought I could diffuse, forgetting to say hello to her mom whom I approached in the living room. Tolu crumbled in her bed like a lost puppy and every question and fury in me subside. The blanket covered every part of her body including her face and making her figure look like that of a ten years old child . She  looked so small. This time, guilt eloped me, truly, she wasn’t feeling too well last night and I spent the night practicing all my speech. I gently removed the blanket from her face and announced my presence.  I  was amazed at what I saw, Her eyes were swollen and red, I was really worried now. The color of her face was not different from the shade of my MAC lip stick. I spoke calmly and inquired what was wrong. She sounded abased. she kept glancing at me like I was some stranger. I waited for a response quietly, as different thoughts erupted my mind. (Does she have a disease? Is she dying? Or could she be pregnant? I don’t think so, since she hasn’t been seeing anybody that I know of, recently). I have never seen her in this delicate state before, she is always filled with enthusiasm and she never stops talking even if she has told me the same story over and over.

She tried opening her lips and all I heard was “YOU CAN’T MARRY HIM”. I was too astonished to display any emotion. I managed to ask why? Another steaming tears gush down from her pupils. Even if I wanted to ask a lot of questions, I allowed perseverance to take a whole lot of my troubled heart. She finally spoke again, “if you get married, we will no longer be as close as we used to be”.  She said I will leave her and be happy with my new family, she continued crying saying our bond would never be the same. I started shedding tears too knowing how difficult it must have been for her. I consoled her and we hugged like forever. Now I could finally see where that came from or I thought I did.

Four months to my wedding, I got a letter that killed me faster than a snake bite.

I saw Tolu’s name on the envelope. With a doubtful mind I opened it, I haven’t seen Tolu  of recent because of the wedding arrangements. I miss our gullibility and how you joke with everyone . I was tensed maybe she would refuse showing appearance because she has been a little dodgy this past weeks. I felt she was silently adjusting to the distance we are going to have since my husband-to-be insisted we stay overseas for a year. At second thoughts, I was in anticipation thinking of the new thing she would say and how she jokes about every thing. The letter began with “dear” and all I remembered was my smile turned into fury.  How could she? That was question I could bring myself to ask? Tolu; It’s impossible! My blossom friend! my sister! My closest buddy! Tolu ah!  I can’t believe this. It is too difficult to comprehend. Tolu eh!  I kept weeping. With shaky hands, I picked up the letter again, and her last words were” The most dangerous person in your life is someone you trust”.

I wanted to lay curses on her but I was too baffled. I was paralyzed by the letter. Tolu!  You left with my fiance and got married. Tolu! Tolu! Tolu!…..Who will wear my Aso Ebi?



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