5 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself

leth·​ar·​gy | \ ˈle-thər-jē \
Collegiate Definition

the quality or state of being lazy, sluggish, or indifferent

At certain points in life, you might find yourself having a sort of ‘block’, reaching a deadlock where you just can’t find the drive to do the things you need to do or take the steps you should take. At those times, firing your inner drive with self-motivation is essential.

Here are a few pointers to revving up that fire when the lethargy sets in:

1. Set goals with deadlines

It’s easier to ignore vague tasks, so knowing specifically what it is that you have to do helps you get on your feet faster. There really is something about writing when motivation is needed, so outline the tasks you have to complete and set reasonable, achievable deadlines to finish up. You could set reminders and alarms as well to give you that “ring, ring” nudge when procrastination is about to set in.

2. Have accountability partners to track your progress

Yes, it hurts when you miss deadlines you set for yourself, but when it happens repeatedly, you don’t care very much anymore. Avoiding slipping into that place where the deadlines you set for your goals no longer matter to you is why accountability partners are so essential.

An accountability partner is a part-cheerleader, part-coach who helps you keep a commitment. He/She motivates, assesses and rewards your progress.
Your accountability partner should be a person who is responsible, consistent, brutally hones and whose opinion you respect. Take the conscious decision to let them help you stay on track.

3. Know yourself and what helps you achieve your goals

We all have individual dynamics in our journeys towards achieving our goals, so it’s necessary to know what works for you. While motivational quotes and videos get some people back on track, they don’t do much for others. While discussing plans with friends might work for others, it might be an obstacle for you towards achieving your goals.

Know what gears you personally and pursue it!

4. Consistently challenge yourself to keep your interest going

Having routine tasks can become quite boring over time, so it’s important to have a little twist to each stage of your goals to challenge yourself!
Don’t burn out your own fire by letting your tasks become rote. Add something new everyday to “surprise” yourself!

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5. Celebrate your little wins and reward yourself for them

It’s important to be your own cheerleader! Others may not understand how much it took for you to achieve that seemingly little win, but you do. So reward yourself with something you’d appreciate: some time off, a movie, lunch out, anything.

And here’s to consistently smashing goals!

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How do you stay motivated even when it looks like no one’s watching you?


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