5 Books Every Teenager Should Read

Books are a relevant source of knowledge. Every successful individual has a direct or indirect trace to books, and just like the popular saying, “Readers are Leaders”.

Strangely, it is not always about reading books of multiple pages or book counts. It is instead more about applying the information gotten from the book. This is why it is best to read books that have positive influence on the mind. A book with reliable and responsible information helps to shape the outputs of the brain, the mind and the overall lifestyle of the individual involved.

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For teenagers and young adults, there is a long list of books that the random teenager loves to read – from fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies and biographies, history, politics, religion, fashion, travel, love, romance, entertainment and every other subject that catches fantasy. This is because every human being has the ability to choose one thing from the other – the power of the will.

Due to this ability to choose interests, strange books like the Seven Books of Moses and the popular Harlequin Romance novels fall in the hands of teenagers.

Just as there are great and healthy books to read, there are also books that are unhealthy for a growing teenager.

For many teenagers, they come in contact with these books through peer influence, family, media and other similar loose openings around them.

This births a Question. If we say a book has the ability to shape our thoughts, then what kind of book is best advised for a growing teenager? The answer is straight enough – books that reflect positive morals, healthy habits, proper career paths and relationship building with people.

This means that the average book list for a teenager should contain books in these select categories.

Let’s see a few titles and create our book list:

1. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

This book is a religious allegory. The novel is a symbolic vision of the good man’s pilgrimage through life. It helps you learn what God requires from you as you move in your Christian journey.

2. Habits of Grace by David Mathis

This book proves that a habit is birthed as a result of consistency. This book teaches the reader to cultivate healthy habits towards God and people around us.

3. Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

This is a book that teaches on choice and life decisions, especially as regards career paths. According to the book, redesigning career and life is possible at any age, so teenagers are not left out.

4. Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach

Caleb Kaltenbach was raised by homosexual parents. He discusses in this book, principles and instructions from God that has helped him “love your neighbor as yourself” despite the discord caused by the LGBT (LGBT (or GLBT ) is an initial that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community in the church. Its explanation also dwells on the knowledge of God as Love.

5. Finally Free by Heath Lambert

This is a book that teaches the upright principles and standards of God channeled towards conquering pornography and other sexual sins. Many teenagers and young adults battle these sexual sins and this is a recommended read for them.

While you can make purchases or download any of these books online, let us hear from you. Have you read any inspiring book lately? What book would you like teenagers to read? Kindly share in the comment section.


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