Books and Reading – Overrated or Not?

As I have grown, I have had increasingly less time for leisurely reading. I have found that I no longer possess the patience to work through thousands of pages at a go. It disturbed me, and I began to understand better how many of my colleagues might have lived in private shame at that time because they simply did not enjoy reading as much as a “budding intellectual” should, or they simply found books boring.

While reading remains relevant, and probably will forever remain so, there are various other channels through which people could gain information and retain it that should not be considered intellectually inferior. … More Books and Reading – Overrated or Not?

How to Make Time For Books Outside Academics

Books help one to “time travel”. With the aid of your imagination, while reading a book, you can transport yourself to the future and become aware of the endless possibilities that await you. A book helps to reflect the mind of the author on a particular subject. With books, you are able to connect with the best minds around the world without having a physical meeting with any of them … More How to Make Time For Books Outside Academics