Ways to Self-motivate

There are several definitions of motivation, but the civil idea behind it is that motivation steers towards the desired result.

Motivation is a drive towards an ambition or an expectation set. 

Self-motivation is simply an extra push you obliged on yourself to fulfill the goal already set. While this has a way of clenching you on track, there will be days when it will be tough to do anything, particularly when some important tasks are to required to be done. On days like this, here are a few tips to guide you to motivate yourself.

Have a goal:

A day-to-day goal description is often a decent alternative. Sufficing for a simple to-do list set for the day can help you stay motivated. You will hold yourself accountable for what you write. It also doesn’t have to be a hundred things on the to-do list; start with writing 5 things on the list and guaranteeing that you achieve them.

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Stay on track:

Let’s assume you are a champion, running the race of your life and you tripped and fell flat to the ground. You’d pick yourself back up with the goal of winning at all cost. When you start to feel unmotivated, picture yourself like you are a champion that cannot stay on the floor. Stand up, and stay on track. Each time you start to feel unmotivated, pick yourself up. You can do this. 


There are instances where you don’t have the option to remain unmotivated because of the responsibilities at hand. By intuition, there are two flanks to this but use your discretion. Know when to step out and take a walk, whilst using responsibility as a drive to get yourself back on your feet. 

Reduce daily distractions:

24 hours is never enough for the day if you value time. Use it wisely. If social media is your distraction, set a threshold on how much you want to spend there per day. From your phone, you could set a reminder to allocate time to your activities on social media. Remember always to ”feed your focus and starve your distraction.” It is not clichè when it is said that “you are the architect of your life.” You are in control as to how you design it. 

Stay with like-minded people:

“No man is an island”. There are days you’d undoubtedly need people to jack you up, to remind you why you started, to encourage you, and to lift your spirit up.

Surround yourself with like-minded people, so you’d feel exhilarated by just looking at what they do. 

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Get a Partner:

This is almost the same as the point written above, the distinct difference is you have just one person you can go hand in hand with. Someone there for you through the high and the lows, someone who understands what you do and does the same thing as you. It will be easy to relate with and motivate each other when needed. 

At the end of the day, motivation is tilted towards getting a result, whether intrinsically or in form of extrinsic rewards. Know what navigates yours and act towards it.

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How do you motivate yourself to keep going despite all odds?


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