What I Think Vs What I do

Many of us fall into this category. We can program our mind to do things for ourselves and reward ourselves like we are being paid for what we do, but first, before we do anything in life, we have to conquer procrastination.  Well, that’s another discussion.

Now, to get something done, it has to be thought of. That is, before you do anything, you must have thought about it before doing it. Well, it’s a different story when it comes to a personality. Like I said, we all are victims of that.

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See, when we think about something and do nothing about it, it’s as if we are cheating ourselves like we deliberately do not want to do things for ourselves. I am sure I am not the only one realizing this. You think a lot; in fact, most people would have imagined themselves in big places, doing incredible things. For example, how to pass exams, how to become rich, but when we are back to reality we just laugh and say ‘this mind #ehen’.

  • Have you ever asked why we were given this mind?
  • Why do we even think?
  • Have you unleashed the real use of your imagination?

We are limited by the pleasure part of our imagination; it’s as if we are restricted but let’s quickly take a glance to the bible.  We were created in the image of God. The Bible even says GOD has made us (Man) gods on earth, we have control over things on earth just like God has on us. The bible says GOD was hovering around and saw that the world was dark, it was without form and void.

With my little knowledge, I can imagine that God had started thinking or had already even thought of what he would make of this earth.

God knew how this world would be if He added light, trees, firmament and hosts of others. He thought of it and made it a reality. I mean, that’s God now, who are we to be compared to God,? Don’t let us forget we are created in His image, therefore, we can do what He can, only in a smaller way.

So, what we imagine definitely will be a beautiful thing if we could manifest whatever we perceive in our minds. Of course, you would agree with me, things God created are beautiful, yes? We are all beautifully made.

Like God, we can make things or should I say our imagination a reality? Only if we speak and ACT! When we set out to do it, then and only then would we learn to see the greatness and beyond of our imagination

Trust me when I say we can do so much with our mind.

Now how do we go about the realisation of our imaginations or thoughts? First, I would love for us to write this down:

“Knowledge is NOT power, Application of knowledge is power”

You might have a great idea in you that will benefit your financial status and even broader aspects of your life, but if you are not able to make it a reality, it’s just a mere thought.

So how do you make it a reality?

It’s simple- by employing yourself.  How do I employ myself? There is a handful of ways to manipulate our minds, the brain to be precise. We find it hard to do what our mind is set to do. In other words, what we imagined or envisioned, we could manipulate that by seeing ourselves as second person.

Let me shed more light to that. By a second person, I mean as an employer and the employee. When you do this, you tell your mind or you to give your mind a command. This might seem technical but please let’s try to decipher that. Basically, you tell yourself that you will pay yourself if you can obey and carry out that particular command.

By that, you have been able to make that thought then a reality now!

So, if you have a thought and you are finding it hard or tiring to do, you set a reward plan for yourself.

This means if you are the kind of person that likes to watch movies all day without doing anything, and at the same time you are thinking of something you want to do that will also benefit you as a person, then what you do is this: Tell yourself that if you can pull that task off, you will reward yourself by watching movies all day tomorrow.

That’s all. You have satisfied both the employer and employee. Interesting, right?

How do you align your thoughts on what to do with actually taking steps to do them?


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