Overcoming Procrastination

Happy new year, my dear friend. It is another 365days that has started counting, and before you know it, it’s another celebration time again. But at the end of it all, what would you have achieved?

It’s normal to have goals set up for the year and look forward to achieving them, but do you know that it has also become normal for a lot of people to look back at the end of the year and realize that the agenda set for the year never got through the thinking phase. What could have caused that?
“A little sleep, a little slumber,” says the Word of God.

Everyone prepares to fight most daily battles out there but only a little overcome the most deadly of all, which is the fight against procrastination.

Lots of fellas out there in the slum and ghettos today also made new year resolutions just like you did, mostly to go out there and get a better life, but one of the things that will keep them back in the ghettos will still be procrastination.

Overcome procrastination today by being deliberate about your success.

How do I mean by being deliberate?

  • It is to prioritize all you need to do in order of importance and relevance.
  • Set time bracket for each and evaluation techniques.
  • Submit to accountability as early as possible.
  • Be active and passive towards your goals.

Procrastination knows no age bracket or gender, it comes naturally but shouldn’t be who we ought to be. It starts from a little snoozing of the alarm clock and a little shifting of one’s timetable.

Don’t be deceived by it.

How do you overcome procrastination? Do share in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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