Demand The Best From Yourself

What do you need to succeed? The right mindset? Consistency? Hard work? Patience? Obstacles? You have them at your fingertips. A friend once told me, anytime you procrastinate, there’s a still voice begging you to put in the work. Over time, it grows silent. … More Demand The Best From Yourself


How to Handle Procrastination

Why not do the assignment today and stop putting off what is important for less important things? Why don’t you set your priorities right? So many of us enjoy putting things off until it gets up to our neck and then we start running helter-skelter. But the bitter thing about that is that the time we avoid doing the important things on our schedule is usually wasted doing nonproductive things. … More How to Handle Procrastination

Trim Your Time

The first law of success is to concentrate, to trim all the energies to one direction and to go directly to the point, looking neither to the right nor to the left. There is never enough time to do everything you have in mind or intend to do. We all are literally swamped with work … More Trim Your Time

How to Set Goals and Achieve them Without Giving Room to Procrastination

Your goals are what you intend to achieve. We all, at every point in time, have things we intend to achieve. It can be a long term goal or a short term goal. The result then depends on how well you play your game; the tactics you use in achieving the set goals. A short … More How to Set Goals and Achieve them Without Giving Room to Procrastination