The Significance of Resolutions

Resolution provides you with a vision and specific direction. It keeps you from wasting your resources in the form of energy, time, money etc, it also keeps you from being unprepared when opportunities arise or come your way. … More The Significance of Resolutions

January in Review; How to Make a Review

A review is like a score sheet. Like a feedback form that you do for yourself.

You should review every aspect of your life; your finances, academics, relationship and spiritual life. Remember that this review will help you track your growth and personal development. … More January in Review; How to Make a Review

Letting Go of 2018

It is just a few hours into the new year, and you can still make it count. All you need to do is make a list of the goals you could not achieve in this year, the mistakes you made and how you should have been better. After doing this, write on a new page how you intend to handle them in the new year. … More Letting Go of 2018